More than 101 million people in that country have the same disease! ‘This is a ticking time bomb’

More than 101 million people in that country have the

More than 101 million people in India have been found to have diabetes! According to the news of The Indian Express newspaper, it was determined that 136 million people have “hidden sugar” in the research carried out by the Ministry of Health.

In the study, which was attended by 113 thousand people over the age of 20 from all states of the country, it was determined that 11.4 percent of the Indian population has diabetes and 15.3 percent has “hidden sugar”.


The states with the highest prevalence of diabetes were Goa (26.4 percent), Puducherry (26.3 percent) and Kerala (25.5 percent).

In the study, it was determined that the disease is more common in cities.

It is known that diabetes affects one in every 11 adults worldwide and increases the risk of heart attack, stroke, blindness and kidney failure.


One of the team that carried out the research published in the Lancet journal, Dr. “It’s a ticking time bomb,” RM Anjana said of the number of diabetes patients in the country. made its assessment.

Anjana drew attention to the fact that 60 percent of those with latent diabetes develop diabetes within 5 years. (AA)