more promotions on Apple AirPods Pro this weekend!

Black Friday AirPods: more promotions on Apple AirPods Pro this weekend!

BLACK FRIDAY AIRPODS. This Saturday 26 and this Sunday 27, Black Friday still offers very interesting Air Pods pro and AirPods 2. On Rakuten, you can find the latest AirPods Pro at a rikiki price! Here’s how to take advantage of this good plan.

[Mis à jour le 26 novembre 2022 à 16h51] Want to change headphones? Then this article is made for you. The AirPods, the famous little ones wireless headphones from Apple, are still displayed at a reduced price this Saturday November 26 and Sunday November 27, 2022. Indeed, Black Friday goes into extra time this weekend. The AirPods 2, AirPods Pro, AirPods 3 or even the expensive AirPods Max headphones are offered in big promotions on e-commerce sites like Amazon, Fnac, Rakuten or CDiscount.

This Friday, we have selected for you an enticing promo on the cream of the AirPods, the Pro version released this year, but other promotions on the Airpods 1, 2 and 3 can be found further down the page. You are spoiled for choice with several current promotions including one at Rakuten which displays its price at 279 euros but easily increases it to 259 euros on flash sale (find it by clicking below on the Rakuten price) ! At Amazon, they were already on sale at 279 euros (against 299 euros usually!). These headphones were once again critically acclaimed when they arrived on the market in September 2022, following their presentation at the last Apple Keynote.

Several great deals on AirPods are also online. The editorial staff has sorted it out for you: let’s start with the AirPods 2 replaced by the AirPods 3 but which still offer good performance. The destocking turned out to be very interesting this week since it allowed for a short time to unearth AirPods at 120 euros during a flash sale, which has since ended. There is also a nice deal at Rakuten on the AirPods 3 offered at 189 euros instead of 199 euros at Amazon. This is the model with MagSafe charging case released in 2021.

Note also the flash sale at Rakuten concerning the 2nd generation Airpods Pro released in 2021 and offered at -13% compared to the usual prices. A nice reduction for headphones that are still recent and offer excellent sound quality. You’ll have to hurry to enjoy it!

BEST products

The 3rd generation of AirPods also benefit from new small promotions during this Black-Friday. No need to wait for plummeting prices and massive promotions on newly released headphones, but a few small bargains are always good to take, right?! Here’s what you can still find right now:

The AirPods Pro are Apple’s most premium headphone products. They incorporate an active noise reduction mechanism, a “transparency” mode, unique to AirPods. We also find on these wireless headphones a spatial audio mode with dynamic tracking of head movements. Promotions have emerged on the AirPods Pro, here is a selection to judge the price differences at the main merchants.

The AirPods Max are also still part of the headphones offered at barred prices during the Black Friday period. Although very expensive when they were launched, these are still proving to be just as excellent today while benefiting from some promotions for this Black Friday 2022 vintage.

As a reminder, Black Friday has never really been a key date for Apple, which generally only timidly participates in the operation. On the other hand, it is a major meeting point for retailers such as Amazon, Fnac, CDiscount, Boulanger and Darty. Please note that the prices indicated on this page are for information only and are subject to change. This article is updated regularly throughout the Black Friday period and several times a day this Thursday and Friday for Black Friday 2022.