More ID checks at the border could hit Haparanda hard

The law means that the government can, at short notice, introduce ID checks, similar to those that came after the refugee influx in 2015, of passengers traveling by train, bus or passenger ship to Sweden.

– The law feels toothless and is not adapted to how intertwined Haparanda and Torneå are. I don’t think people understand how close the cities are, says Nina Waara (S), municipal councilor in Haparanda.

“Violent situations can arise”

It is the transport companies that will take responsibility for the checks.

– We do not welcome this because there is a great risk that various violent situations can arise on the buses if, for example, a driver questions a passport.

The government believes that the controls are needed “to ensure order and security in the country”.

In the video, you can hear how the new law can make it happen for the people who live in both Haparanda and Torneå.