Monster Hunter Now: Find & enter referral code

In Monster Hunter Now you can enter a referral code or distribute your own referral code. For what reason? All information.

This is Monster Hunter Now: Monster Hunter Now is the new game from Niantic and Capcom. It’s very reminiscent of Pokémon GO and follows the same principle: Run through your neighborhood and meet monsters.

Here, however, you don’t catch any monsters, but rather fight them in the classic Monster Hunter style.

When you start the game for the first time, however, there is an input field that asks you whether you would like to enter a referral code before you start hunting. What’s behind it?

What a referral code is and how to find it

How do I get referral codes? All players in Monster Hunter Now have their own referral code that can be shared with new players.

This means that when you start the game for the first time, you can ask friends who already have and play the game to give you their referral code so that you can enter it when starting up.

Community also shares codes: If your friends don’t play Monster Hunter Now, you can also try using codes from the community.

For example, players in the Monster Hunter subreddit share their referral codes in a megathread.

  • We link the post with the recommendation codes here (via reddit)
  • However, it may be that certain codes have already expired because they can only be used 20 times per month. But you can try it with the codes, for example.

    Where is my own code? You can find it in the main menu when you click on your profile. There you then click on the small QR code under your character, where it says Reputation next to it. Now scroll down to get your referral code.

    From hunter rank 6, which you quickly reach during the tutorial, you can then receive rewards for referral codes.

    Danger! The friend code shown above is different than the referral code.

    And what’s going on in Pokémon GO?

    What does the referral code do? According to the current status, both the players who entered the code and those who distributed it will receive the following items as rewards:

  • 3 color balls
  • 5 potions
  • 300 zenny
  • However, this is only possible after reaching rank 6. It is also possible that the rewards for the referral code may change.

    Do you want to know what the paint ball is for in Monster Hunter Now? Then take a look here: