Monika Gintersdorfer, an aboveground director

She’s a dangerous, politically incorrect Monika Gintersdorfer. Our era mired in self-censorship will appreciate. Because she has integrated parts of the Atlas (Peru, Germany, Mexico, Ivory Coast), this Austrian director naturally breaks free from borders, but also from cultures and disciplines.

Monika Gintersdorfer.

With her, the theater is not a long river of cool cool, and the stage is not immune to welcoming international artists who do not necessarily play in their category, and who are very often inspired by the offbeat coupĂ©. And I myself don’t really know what I’m getting into in G Major, holding out the armchair to the one who lives on embers, because of a double creation with her collective La fleur. To have: The researcherss (about these dancers from West Africa who came to try their luck in Europe) and El Nuevathis gay bar that will have made the hot nights of Mexico City

Monika Gintersdorfer’s musical choices

Casino Shanghai Cuerpos huecos

J.S. BACH Erbame-Dich

Skelly feat Debordo Leekunfa makanagbachi