Monaco – Lille: the two teams finish tied, the summary of the match

Monaco Lille the two teams finish tied the summary

ASM-LOSC. Neither AS Monaco nor Lille OSC succeeded in winning this Ligue 1 poster, this Sunday, May 14, 2023, at the Stade Louis II. Result of this Monaco – Lille: 0-0. Here’s what to remember from the shock.

18:57 – No goal in Fontvieille (0-0)

The score ultimately remains parity (0-0) between AS Monaco and Lille OSC, but Lille could hope for better in terms of statistics. THE Lille OSC indeed had the advantage in terms of ball possession (42%-58%) but also framed more shots than his opponents (4 against 1). He lacked a dose of efficiency to make the difference in this Ligue 1 duel.

18:56 – Breel Embolo is flagged offside

90ᵉ. Breel Embolo is flagged offside and allows the opposing team to restart.

18:56 – Yellow card for Lille OSC

90ᵉ. The Lille OSC player inherits a yellow card.

18:55 – Six meters for Lille OSC

90ᵉ. Lille OSC emerges with this 6 meters in the heart of this 2nd half. We are playing the 90th minute of this match.

18:53 – Free kick for AS Monaco

90ᵉ. AS Monaco wins a free kick in the opposing half of the field which could allow them to move forward and (why not) take a point difference in this 2nd period. A particularly interesting opportunity as we are in the final minutes of this match and the score is still tied.

18:48 – Jonathan David is replaced by Alan Virginius at Lille

85ᵉ. Change at Stade Louis II: Jonathan David makes his exit as Alan Virginius enters the field.

18:47 – Offside whistled against AS Monaco

85ᵉ. The Monegasques’ offensive is stopped dead by the referee. An AS Monaco player is flagged offside.

18:46 – AS Monaco’s shot is stopped!

83ᵉ. AS Monaco’s attempt is narrowly missed as we reach the 83rd minute of the game.

18:46 – Jonathan Bamba targets his shot, but it does not enter!

83ᵉ. Jonathan Bamba thinks he finds the opening but this shot which nevertheless took the path of the frame does not find the nets.

18:43 – Shot off target for AS Monaco

80ᵉ. The Monegasques have the opportunity to take the advantage, but this attempt escapes out of bounds.

18:39 – Angel Gomes is replaced by Andre Gomes at Lille

77ᵉ. Andre Gomes enters in place of Angel Gomes.

18:39 – Shot off target for Lille OSC

76ᵉ. Lille OSC tries to find the fault but the attempt is finally aborted.

18:36 – Takumi Minamino is replaced by Maghnes Akliouche for the Monegasques

73ᵉ. Takumi Minamino is replaced by Maghnes Akliouche.

18:36 – Aleksandr Golovin is replaced by Breel Embolo for the Monegasques

73ᵉ. Change at Stade Louis II: Aleksandr Golovin leaves the playing area while Breel Embolo enters the field.

18:35 – Offside whistled against AS Monaco

73ᵉ. Benoit Bastien whistles for offside against AS Monaco, one of whose players was in an illegal position. We are at 1 offside for AS Monaco and not one at this stage for Lille OSC.

18:35 – Big opportunity for AS Monaco! !

73ᵉ. Things are heating up at the Stade Louis II! Magnificent opportunity for AS Monaco.

18:34 – Yellow card for Angel Gomes (Lille OSC)

71ᵉ. Angel Gomes, the Lille OSC player, is sanctioned with a warning.

18:32 – Offside whistled against Lille OSC

69ᵉ. Lille will not go further in this action. A Lille OSC player is flagged offside.

18:32 – Decisive stop by the goalkeeper on this opportunity for AS Monaco!

69ᵉ. AS Monaco creates danger with this new strike, but the opposing goalkeeper manages to catch this ball as we reach the 69th minute of the match.

18:32 – Shot on target for Lille OSC

69ᵉ. Interesting opportunity for Lille OSC: the attempt is on target but the opposing goalkeeper is vigilant and can revive his own.

18:30 – Benoit Bastien whistles a free kick against AS Monaco

68ᵉ. The referee grants a new free kick in favor of Lille OSC which confirms its control of the ball by pushing AS Monaco to accumulate faults (17 free kicks against 6). The score is still 0-0. We reach the 68th minute of play.

18:28 – Timothy Weah is replaced by Adam Ounas at Lille

65ᵉ. Change at Stade Louis II: Timothy Weah makes his exit and Adam Ounas enters the game in the 65th minute of play in this match.

18:27 – Decisive stop by the goalkeeper on this AS Monaco shot!

64ᵉ. AS Monaco’s attempt is narrowly missed as we reach the 64th minute of the game.

6:27 p.m. – It’s on target for Lille OSC, but it doesn’t fit!

64ᵉ. Lille OSC believe they have found the opening but this strike which nevertheless took the path of the frame does not find the nets.

18:23 – Vanderson misses the target!

60ᵉ. Vanderson has the chance to put his team ahead, but that shot goes wide.