Monaco – AC Ajaccio: AS Monaco has the game in hand

Monaco AC Ajaccio AS Monaco has the game in

ASM-ACA. AS Monaco players have clearly taken over their opponents from AC Ajaccio, with a new goal scored in the 63rd minute of play, this Sunday, January 15, 2023, in this Ligue 1 clash. The rest of this Monaco – AC Ajaccio live.

18:41 – Offside whistled against AC Ajaccio

78ᵉ. The Ajacciens fall into the offside trap. The referee ends this opportunity for AC Ajaccio.

18:37 – Ruddy Buquet whistles a free kick for AS Monaco

74ᵉ. AS Monaco gets a free kick in this 2nd period, which will be taken in a few seconds. While they are clearly leading on the scoreboard, the Monegasques are however behind for the moment on set pieces with 8 free kicks against 9 free kicks for their opponents while we are in the 74th minute of play at Louis II Stadium.

18:35 – Shot off target for AS Monaco

72ᵉ. AS Monaco tries to find the fault but the attempt escapes the frame.

18:34 – Wissam Ben Yedder is replaced by Myron Boadu for the Monegasques

71ᵉ. New change for AS Monaco: Wissam Ben Yedder leaves the playing area and Myron Boadu makes his appearance.

18:34 – Axel Disasi is replaced by Malang Sarr for the Monegasques

71ᵉ. Malang Sarr came on for Axel Disasi in the 71st minute of the game.

18:30 – An injured side of AC Ajaccio

67ᵉ. An AC Ajaccio player suffers an injury as we play the 67th minute in this game.

18:29 – Six meters in favor of AS Monaco

66ᵉ. AS Monaco raises with this 6 meters in this 2nd period. We are playing the 66th minute of this match.

18:29 – Corner in favor of AC Ajaccio

66ᵉ. This is probably the opportunity for AC Ajaccio to come back to the score in this match, with this corner which will be taken on the left side by Thomas Mangani in a few moments. Reminder of the score: 6-1 in favor of AS Monaco.

18:28 – Change for AC Ajaccio

65ᵉ. We rotate the squad a bit at the Stade Louis II: AC Ajaccio recharges its batteries a bit for the rest of the match.

18:28 – Ismael Diallo is replaced by Mickael Alphonse at Ajacciens

64ᵉ. Mickael Alphonse comes on in place of Ismael Diallo in the 64th minute of play in this Monaco – AC Ajaccio.

18:27 – New goal at Stade Louis II for AS Monaco (6-1)!

It smells of correction for AC Ajaccio, at the Stade Louis II. Breel Embolo scores another header for AS Monaco in the 63rd minute in this 2nd half. The score goes to 6-1.

18:27 – The Monegasques offer themselves a great opportunity to score!

63ᵉ. AS Monaco sets fire to the opposing defense and gets a unique opportunity to change the scoreboard.

18:26 – Corner for AS Monaco

63ᵉ. AS Monaco landed a new corner in this meeting, on the right side of the field. The opportunity to take off on the scoreboard?

6:25 p.m. – Aleksandr Golovin is replaced by Ismail Jakobs for the Monegasques

61ᵉ. Ismail Jakobs succeeds Aleksandr Golovin as well.

18:24 – Ben Seghir is replaced by Breel Embolo for the Monegasques

61ᵉ. Change at Stade Louis II: Ben Seghir makes his exit and Breel Embolo enters the game.

18:23 – New free kick in favor of AC Ajaccio

60ᵉ. The referee has just signaled an 8th free kick for AC Ajaccio. The accumulation of stats concerning free kicks is also to the advantage of Ajacciens, despite the scoreboard, with 8 set pieces against 7 for Ajacciens. The score is still 5-1 at Stade Louis II.

18:21 – Corner for AS Monaco

58ᵉ. Corner for AS Monaco. The latter will be shot on the right side of the opposing goals.

18:18 – Free kick for AS Monaco

55ᵉ. A new free kick for AS Monaco is signaled by Ruddy Buquet in the opposing half, as we play the 55th minute of play in this Monaco-AC Ajaccio. The ideal moment to heal his goal difference in this 2nd period.

6:17 p.m. – We breathe on the side of AS Monaco

54ᵉ. The referee whistled a free kick in favor of the Monegasques who were a few meters from their goal line and could see AC Ajaccio recover their delay at the end of this phase of play. This free kick will be taken in a few seconds.

18:14 – Six meters for AC Ajaccio

51ᵉ. AC Ajaccio emerges with this 6 meters in the heart of this 2nd period. We are playing the 51st minute of this match.

18:10 – Ben Seghir injury

47ᵉ. Stoppage in Fontvieille. Ben Seghir received a blow on the previous action.

18:09 – Yellow card for Thomas Mangani (AC Ajaccio)

46ᵉ. The referee, Ruddy Buquet, shows a yellow card to Thomas Mangani, the AC Ajaccio player.

18:09 – Start of the 2nd period

The 2nd half starts between AS Monaco and AC Ajaccio, in Fontvieille, where Ruddy Buquet signals the kick-off. The reminder of the score: 5-1.

18:08 – Fernand Mayembo is replaced by Cedric Avinel at Ajacciens

46ᵉ. Cedric Avinel succeeds Fernand Mayembo for the second round.

18:08 – Mohamed Camara is replaced by Eliot Matazo for the Monegasques

46ᵉ. Mohamed Camara gives way to Eliot Matazo for the second half.