Momika arrested in Norway – deported to Sweden

Momika arrested in Norway deported to Sweden

Updated 15.22 | Published 15.10




full screen Salwan Momika. Archive image. Photo: Johan Nilsson/TT

Activist and Koran-burner Salwan Momika has been arrested by Norwegian police and will be deported to Sweden. The arrest took place on March 28, after Momika told Swedish media that he went to Norway to seek asylum there.

“The deportation will take place as soon as the formal and practical arrangements are in place,” Oslo District Court writes in its judgment.

Iraqi Momika’s temporary residence permit in Sweden was revoked in October when it emerged that he was deemed to have provided incorrect information. In connection with the deportation decision, Momika was granted a new temporary residence permit that extends until April 16, as he cannot be deported to his home country due to the threat situation there.

In recent years, 37-year-old Momika has been behind a large number of Koran burnings around Sweden. Several of them have led to riots and unrest.