Mohammad Alsadhan, word of Syrian

Mohammad Alsadhan word of Syrian

There is a Syrian proverb that says when the cow falls, the knives multiply. In other words, when a Syrian has his knees on the ground, there are many candidates for his death.

Chilling proverb, read for you in Syrian words in exile at the University Presses of the Mediterranean. A book that gives voice to these Syrians, men, women, 30s, 50s, engineers, pediatricians, booksellers, Sunnis, Kurds, Christians, who had no other choice, in order not to die, but to leave everything: land, culture, language, status, family. Men and women who have become refugees in our administrative language and whose traumatized words are collected by the Syrian linguist and academic Mohammad Alsadhan, who knows what it’s all about. He who could also say this sentence (read for you) Syrians have been imprisoned, persecuted, tortured. Those who remained in the country will die either of hunger, or under the bombs, or of madness. And nothing says that in this conversation we will talk about the return of Syria to the Arab League

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