MMORPG Throne and Liberty sends a sign of life after 6 months: closed beta announced

Something is happening with Throne and Liberty, but it’s probably not the game’s release yet. Instead, a test could be coming soon.

NC Soft announced the closed beta with this post:

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What happens in Throne and Liberty? Recently things have been pretty quiet around the long-awaited MMORPG.

But something is happening again with Throne and Liberty on Steam. The game received some updates and something was also done to the name of the MMORPG.

You can see the launch trailer for Throne and Liberty here.

Throne and Liberty – NCSoft presents the launch trailer

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A new technical test could start soon

What’s happening on Steam? There have been many changes to the game on Steam since March 12th. More specifically, the name “Throne and Liberty – Technical Test” was added and changed to “Throne and Liberty : Technical Test” on March 24th.

Such a small change to the title could indicate that the developers are in the final stages of a new test. It is not known whether this is public or whether it is only aimed at people who have previously applied.

The game also received updates, for example it is now about 9 gigabytes larger than it was during the last technical test. You can see the changes for yourself on Steam.

When could the test start? When the test could start is still a mystery, even in the literal sense. The game probably accidentally uploaded the wrong icon, as can be seen on SteamDB. Although the icon was quickly changed again, you can still see the Throne and Liberty logo in pixel form with text underneath.

However, the logo is so small and illegible that you can’t see what it really says underneath. Some people on Reddit are already trying to make the logo legible using AI tools, but so far without success.

If the icon actually has the date of the technical test on it, we will probably never be able to read it.

If you still want to have a chance to take part in the test of Throne and Liberty, then try registering as a tester: The upcoming AAA MMORPG from Amazon brings new gameplay – Shows how you can register for a beta test