MMORPG ESO has to change 2 items – “That’s a criminal thing”

In The Elder Scrolls Online there is a debate about two items for €13 each from the cash shop. They currently only count for one character, but should apply to the entire account, as players say.

What items are they about? There are 2 upgrade items from the game’s cash shop:

  • The Armory Slot unlocks another Armory slot for a single hero
  • The Outfit Slot unlocks another outfit slot for a character
  • The Elder Scrolls Online – Gold Road in the announcement trailer

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    Players want 2 comfort items to count across the account

    What change do you want there? These two items should not only apply to one character, but should be used account-wide, it says on reddit.

    The fact that the items do not count across the entire account is “criminal”.

    “Purchase is so hard to justify”

    This is the discussion: The topic of these two items was the largest thread on reddit in the last 30 days. There is great support for the proposal.

    Players say:

  • You understand that Zenimax wants to make money, but damn – you only want to buy these items if you can use them for multiple characters
  • “The funny thing is, if they actually made some of these changes, they could probably make more money because it’s a lot more practical”
  • “Right now it’s just a purchase that can’t be justified for most people […] I really wonder if the few whales who actually buy an item like this for every slot of each of their heroes are scaring off the parts of the players who are put off by the price tag.”
  • How much do the items cost? The items cost 1,500 crowns. That’s about €13.

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    Against the inner reason of MMORPG players

    This is what lies behind it: The players’ desire is understandable. Such item slots are purely “comfort” improvements. This doesn’t really give you any advantage, it just saves you the hassle of changing item sets by hand, which can be annoying.

    If you were to buy such advantages at least across your account, you could justify spending €13 because then you can say: I’ll have this forever and on every twink.

    But if you buy several of these slots and then change the main character or play twinks more often, the money would be “wasted”, which no MMORPG player can ignore.

    Such “only counts for one character” purchases go a bit against the inner reason of MMORPG players.

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