MMORPG Albion online shows in a graphic how much its players love to lose everything

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The MMORPG Albion Online is one of the games in which there is “full loot PvP”. A player count graph shows that this PvP is well attended and popular.

This is how popular PvP is in Albion: In the isometric MMORPG Albion Online, there are PvP areas where the “full loot” rule prevails. This means that upon death, players will drop their items and equipment and it can be picked up by others.

In this way it can happen that players lose many valuable items forever due to their own carelessness or just bad luck. Still, the prospect of losing doesn’t deter Albion Online fans, as it also means big wins for them.

Accordingly, many of them spend their time in the PvP areas of Albion. This shows a graphic that the shoutcaster and host of the MMORPG, Robinhoodrs, posted on his Twitter:

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The graph shows the number of weekly participants in PvP activities in Albion. It’s a steadily rising curve that has currently entered at around 115,000 active players per week.

Robin also points out that the number is just the amount of PvP fans. But there are also users who deal with other content from Albion and have nothing to do with PvP. The actual number of players is therefore higher.

MMORPG YouTuber TheLazyPeon estimated that Albion has around 60,000 to 120,000 daily active players, which Robin found to be a correct estimate.

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“There is a high demand for full-loot PVP MMOs”

There are these reactions: Albion’s graphics sparked a lengthy discussion on the dedicated MMORPG subreddit. In almost 700 comments, users talked about how popular sandbox games with Full Loot really are.

For fans of full-loot PvP, Albion’s rising graph is proof that this type of MMORPG can very well be successful if the appropriate systems are implemented correctly and well.

For being an isometric top-down game with cartoon graphics, it shows that there is a high demand for full-loot PvP MMOs. It doesn’t matter if you like it or not. Those numbers would be a lot higher if some major AAA studio had released a semi-decent game. Even Mortal Online 2 has sold more than 100,000 copies […].

reddit reader MuffinX

  • “Albion isn’t even a full loot PvP game, which makes it enjoyable. There is no camping in newbie areas, it introduces risk free PvP first, […] it has fun PvE and PvPvE content.” – ItWasDumblydore
  • “[…] Turns out people like PvP MMOs when done right. […] People want PvP in MMOs because it’s fun to have an explorable world where you never know what might happen next. That, or in an arena format while still having all the other systems found in MMOs. […]” – JoeBambasDayOff
  • However, some PvP fans also note that the lack of PvP compulsion, especially in beginner areas, makes a large contribution to the popularity of the MMORPG.

    However, other users in the thread point out that Albion released a free mobile version in 2022. This caused the number of players to shoot up drastically.

    Users argue that it is the accessibility of Albion Online as a free2play game on mobile devices that accounts for the player growth. Full loot PvP would still be a niche and most MMORPG fans would be reluctant to do so.

    The reason is more that the game is F2P and has low requirements. You can play it for free on your smartphone. There are heaps of people from low-income countries playing it. […]

    reddit user cannabibun

  • “There’s not really much desire for it. Full loot PvP is a niche market that EVE […] and Lineage or Ultima was cast. […] Albion are steadily pushing their way into the fantasy section, but only because they focus on accessibility […]” – BastK4T
  • “[…] The majority of people still hate the system. I personally never considered a full loot PvP game. I can barely stand the PvP in most MMOs anyway […]” – Thulack
  • Regardless, Albion seems to be doing well at the moment and the next big updates are already on the horizon, promising more fun for solo players.

    MeinMMO author Mark Sellner also tried Albion:

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