Mixed care, a booming trend

Mixed care a booming trend

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  • Posted on 05/18/2021

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    Unisex is not the exclusive preserve of the fashion industry. Cosmetic brands are also getting started with unique skincare products designed for both women and men, regardless of gender. A booming phenomenon that is riding the wave of the zero waste bathroom in particular.

    Why should men and women multiply cosmetics – and their packaging – when they could simply share them? In the same vein as unisex – or genderless or non-gendered clothing – more and more cosmetic brands are now offering, when possible, mixed care products suited to both women’s skin and women’s skin. of their male counterparts. An ecological and economic trend that has continued to gain ground in recent months.

    Perfumery, avant-garde

    What do CK One by Calvin Klein, Mémoire d’une odeur by Gucci, and This Is Us! by Zadig & Voltaire? Easy, they all present themselves as unisex, mixed, or universal fragrances. It must be said that the perfume sector is one of the pioneers in this area with so-called unisex fragrances launched in the 1990s, when societal questions around non-binarity were absolutely not publicized. A trend that has resulted in less distinct, more universal scents, and above all more neutral packaging … designed for everyone.

    This is exactly what the combination care brands offer today, which, beyond formulas developed for the greatest number of people, have the most neutral packaging possible. Understand: no blue or pink – even if it means doing the cliché – and no smells that would define themselves as more masculine or more feminine – yes, in marketing, smells have a gender. This finally brings us back to the treatments that can be found in pharmacies, and which are most of the time suitable for the whole family, as well as natural cosmetics that target a specific problem using various ingredients without worrying about the gender of the person who will apply them.

    Exfoliation, serum, cream … Everything goes

    Natural, organic, or so-called “clean” cosmetics have long swept genres, giving way to neutral packaging, packaging, and formulas without distinction of gender. We can therefore say that even if the concept of mixed cosmetics has only recently emerged, it has existed in practice for several years already. It is not surprising to see that the majority of unisex cosmetic brands essentially offer treatments formulated from natural ingredients.

    This is the case of the very young brand Eyden, founded in 2020 by a couple, Yohan and Marion. Discovering that they own certain cosmetics in duplicate, the two students decide to offer a natural and responsible beauty routine for men and women, when the needs are different, but also for both when the cosmetics in question can be shared. . Result, a face serum, masks, a toner, or a peel for men and women, and even – for ever more responsible use, multi-use cosmetics that adapt, as a bonus, to different parts of the face (contour of the face). eyes and lips, for example).

    But it is not the only one. Many brands claim to be unisex in the world of skincare, and offer adapted products. This is the case with The Ordinary, Absolution, or even Aesop, who believe that the benefits of such and such an ingredient have – definitely – no gender.