Miss Snusk was molested during reprimand: “Extremely shaken and sad”

Miss Snusk was molested during reprimand Extremely shaken and sad

A man made his way into the so-called greenroom, where only current artists and songwriters are allowed to be, and sat down with Miss Snusk.

“When she then comes back to the lodges before her appearance, we learn that the man sexually molested Fröken. We were, as you can understand, extremely upset. SVT immediately took this absolutely seriously,” writes Jessica W SandbergPR manager at Fröken Snusk, in an SMS to TT.

Sandberg describes that Miss Snusk was “extremely shaken and sad” after the incident.

Already on Saturday, there were reports of an “incident” in the greenroom in connection with the gene rope, but it was then unclear exactly what happened.

Anders Wistbackaproject manager for the Melodifestivalen, writes in a comment to TT that what happened is “unacceptable” and that what happened is being taken seriously.

“However, there was no breach of security as the person was properly accredited to be there. This was a flaw in the editorial work that we have corrected. The person in question was stripped of his accreditation and had to leave the arena.”