Miss New Caledonia 2022: what you need to know about Océane Le Goff

Miss New Caledonia 2022 what you need to know about

MISS NEW CALEDONIA. Elected at Mont-Dore near Nouméa, Océane Le Goff is Miss New Caledonia 2022. Find out more about the young woman who is entering the Miss France competition.

[Mis à jour le 20 septembre 2022 à 11h55] It is on September 17, 2022 that the New Caledonia gave its verdict on its representative for the Miss France 2023 election. Gathered at the Mont-Dore cultural center near Noumea, the eight candidates for the Miss New Caledonia 2022 sash marched in front of the public and the jury . At the end of the election night, it was the young Océane Le Goff who won the title, thus succeeding Emmy Chenin, who unfortunately did not place in the Top 15 last year. Now crowned Miss New Caledonia, Océane Le Goff is now heading to the metropolis for the preparation of the regional misses for the election of Miss France 2023 in Châteauroux.

Aged 26, Océane Le Goff is – for now – the oldest candidate for the Miss France 2023 promotion. where, previously, the miss had to be between 18 and 24 years old. Miss New Caledonia 2022 followed a bachelor’s degree in management and commerce from which she graduated in 2018. She currently works as a customer advisor in a bank and has also created a childcare business in New Caledonia. Herself suffering from polycystic ovary syndrome, Océane Le Goff wants to move the lines by defending this cause during the election of Miss France 2023.

All about Miss New Caledonia

The Miss New Caledonia competition selects a candidate each year to represent the archipelago in the Miss France election. Only one Miss New Caledonia has obtained the title of Miss France since the creation of the contest: it was Pascale Taurua who had obtained the title in 1978 but had preferred to give it up to return to New Caledonia.

List of recent Miss New Caledonia

  • Emmy Chenin: Elected Miss New Caledonia in 2021, Emmy Chenin wore the colors of her region in the national Miss France competition. However, she did not make the Top 15 in the election.
  • Louisa Salvan: Elected Miss New Caledonia in 2020, Louisa Salvan represented her region in the Miss France contest at the age of 19. A student at the University of New Caledonia, Salvan was destined to teach as a school teacher. She did not rank in the Miss France 2021 election.
  • Anais Toven: she had been elected Miss New Caledonia in 2019. Aged only 18, she was one of the youngest candidates in the competition. At the time of her election, she was following a degree in Sciences and Life of the Earth at the University of Nouville. She did not rank in the election miss France 2020.
  • Amandine Chabrier: she represented New Caledonia in the Miss France 2019 contest. Aged 19 at the time of the election, she was ready to defend her archipelago but also to bring the fight for breast cancer research to the fore. During Miss France 2018, she did not rank but won the swimsuit prize.