MIPAAF: in the State regions ok to 20 million to support fish supply chains

MIPAAF in the State regions ok to 20 million to

(Finance) – Agreement reached in the State – Regions Conference on the expected decree on “Criteria and methods of use of the fund for the development and support of agricultural, fishing and aquaculture sectors. Yearly 2022“which allows for the distribution of funds for the development and support of the fisheries and aquaculture sectors. 15 million euros will be allocated to companies in the maritime sector, 3.5 million will be allocated to aquaculture and 1.5 million for the sector operating in inland waters through the Regions and Provinces autonomous within their powers. This is a provision strongly awaited by the entire fishing industry and anticipated during the meeting of the national fishing table last week with trade associations, trade unions and sector representatives. Go ahead in addition to the annual plan of risk management in agriculture.

The decree – reads the official note – dictates the discipline in the matter of public support forRisk management in agriculture for the 2022 campaign, with the aim of progressively expanding the availability of the tools available with a view to coordinated action between traditional insurance policies, innovative policies, mutual funds, sectoral instruments for the stabilization of incomes and ex post compensatory interventions. Among the novelties of the 2022 Plan, the updating of plant diseases and parasitic infestations that can be insured or subject to mutual coverage, the introduction of new types of crops that can be insured. In implementation of the regulations relating to the new CAP 2023 – 2027, the experimentation of the National Mutual Fund for catastrophic adversities is also introduced to cover damage to agricultural production caused by adverse events of a catastrophic nature (Frost and Frost, Drought, Flood).

Finally, green light at ministerial decree governing the criteria and methods of use of the Fund for the implementation of the National Forest Strategy, equal to 60 million euros for the two-year period 2022-2023, allowing the achievement of eight objectives considered priorities among the many foreseen by the Strategy and outlining the guidelines to be followed for a unitary and aimed at the protection of the forest heritage, the enhancement and sustainable development of the forest sector and its supply chains, in line with the guidelines and commitments of Italy defined at international and European level.

As regards the decrees on the CAP, an agreement was reached on aPayments for the CAP and on the definition of the deadlines for the submission of CAP aid applications for the year 2022.

“Today we make it available to the fishing and aquaculture supply chain 20 million euros: resources that can be used quickly to support the fishing sector in difficulty due to expensive fuel. At the same time, the Agricultural Risk Management Plan for 2022 is approved. Risk management is one of the most important measures available to farms in the face of unforeseeable catastrophic events and I believe that it is increasingly necessary to create a real network safety for Italian farmers. Finally, we move forward on the National Strategy Plan to invest more and more in the multifunctionality of forests, combining management objectives typical of wooded areas with actions to protect biodiversity, to bring forests to the center of national policies “, declared the Minister of Agriculture. Stefano Patuanelli commenting on the measures approved today in the State Regions Conference.

“We had made a commitment to the categories and we kept it in a very short time”, underlined the Undersecretary of State Francesco Battistoni, with responsibility for Fishing, commenting on the decree that assigns 20 million to the fishing sector. “Today’s is an important result, a concrete response to the energy crisis that also, and above all, the maritime industries are experiencing. We will continue on the path of listening and consultation to stem the collateral damage of this profound economic crisis”.