Minusca denounces a disinformation campaign against it

Minusca denounces a disinformation campaign against it

The UN mission in the Central African Republic denounces a new information campaign waged against it since the beginning of March 2024.

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Media, websites and social network pages have multiplied accusations of collusion between the Minusca and rebel groups active in peripheral regions of the country. Recently, it is the Moroccan contingents deployed in the south-east of the country which have been targeted, at the very time when the men of Wagner settle there for the first time.

Disinformation »

If he does not want to mention their origin, Vladimir Monteiro, the spokesperson for Minusca, denounces these attacks, some regular, others cyclical, even though the “blue helmets” are progressing in their mission of maintaining peace and protection of populations: “ In the life of Minusca, there are practically two moments where attacks are recorded. Basically misinformation. First, during the presentation of the reports of the Secretary General of the United Nations on the situation – that is to say in February, June and last October – and then during the renewal of the mandate, often mid- november. »

Convincing results »

And thensays Vladimir Monteiro again, there is the other party, and it can happen at any time, like right now, these attacks are happening while Minusca, in terms of protecting populations, is achieving convincing results, in support of the Central African authorities. This happened in Amda Fok recently, where we established a temporary base to protect the populations from infiltration by armed elements from Sudan. And, also recently, Minusca has just decided to reinforce its positions with additional “blue helmets” in Obo, because in this area – Obo, Mboki and Zémio – there is a certain instability. »

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