Minus sign for Piazza Affari and the other European Stock Exchanges

Minus sign for Piazza Affari and the other European Stock

(Tiper Stock Exchange) – Piazza Affari continues uncertainly with the other main European lists. waiting for some indication from Wall Strwet in the last rarefied useful session of the year.

L’Euro / US Dollar it is substantially stable and stops at 1.067. L’Gold trading continues with a fractional gain of 0.26%. Weak session for Light Sweet Crude Oil, trading down 0.34%.

Consolidate the levels of the eve lo spreadssettling at +211 basis points, with the yield on the ten-year BTP standing at 4.63%.

Among the markets of the Old Continent undertone Frankfurt showing a disappointing 0.53% filing Londonwhich lies just below the levels of the eve, and sluggish Pariswhich shows a small decrease of 0.57%.

In Milan, it moves under parity on FTSEMIB, which drops to 23,951 points, with a percentage gap of 0.44%; along the same lines, the FTSE Italia All-Shareshedding 0.41%, trading at 25,977 points.

On equality the FTSE Italia Mid Cap (-0.18%); on the same trend, without direction the FTSE Italy Star (-0.18%).

In this bad day for the Milan Stock Exchange, no Blue Chip scores a positive performance.

The worst performances are recorded on Telecom Italywhich gets -2.22%.

Modest descent for Leonardowhich drops a small -1.08%.

Thoughtful Tenarisa fractional decline of 1.00%.

He hesitates Nexiwith a modest decline of 0.95%.

Between best stocks in the FTSE MidCap, Italmobiliare (+1.37%), Ariston Holding (+1.17%), Saphilus (+1.10%) and doValue (+0.84%).

The worst performances, however, are recorded on Cembrewhich gets -1.92%.

They focus their sales on Danieliwhich suffers a drop of 1.64%.

Slow day for GV extensionwhich marks a decrease of 1.43%.

Small loss for Webuildwhich trades with -1.28%.