Minister of Transport and Infrastructure: Do not leave children alone on the internet

Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Do not leave children alone

Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Abdulkadir Uraloğlu stated, “Do not leave children alone on the internet.” on the agenda.

Uraloğlu stated that the ‘values’ of young people who spend most of their time on the internet are no longer determined only by their families or the people around them. “The internet, through social media networks, determines culture. Our customs and traditions can be interpreted differently on the internet, and human values ​​also differ in this place. Therefore, if a parent needs to know where and with whom his or her child is outside the home; Leaving children uncontrolled in the digital world can have very dangerous consequences. I call out to all parents; Please do not leave our children and young people alone in the endless and vast environment of the internet. Keep them away from the evils of the digital world with many different protection and security methods.” he said.


Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Uraloğlu stated that it is everyone’s responsibility to learn and implement ways to use the internet safely. While daily internet usage time is 6 hours and 40 minutes in the world, in our country this figure is 6 hours and 57 minutes, that is, approximately 7 hours. While social media usage time is 2 hours 23 minutes in the world, it is 2 hours 44 minutes in our country, that is, approximately 3 hours. Therefore, this area should never be left blank and should be handled extremely seriously. In this context, as the Ministry, we want to raise awareness of our citizens about ways to keep them safe in the digital world, on the occasion of ‘Safe Internet Day’.” said.

Stating that one of the biggest problems encountered on digital platforms is undoubtedly information pollution, Uraloğlu pointed out the importance of using the internet and social media platforms consciously and developing digital literacy skills in digital environments where lies and truth are intertwined. Uraloğlu stated that many digital risks, especially cyber bullying, online abuse of children, social media and game addiction, have reached a level that threatens children and young people born in a digital world today, and against these threats, a safe internet service was established within BTK in 2016. He reminded that the center was established.