Minister of Internal Affairs made a statement about the 125 cc motorcycle and B license decision

Minister of Internal Affairs made a statement about the 125

Minister of Internal Affairs Ali Yerlikaya made a statement about the 125 cc motorcycle and B license decision on the official X account.

The statement made by the Minister of Internal Affairs Ali Yerlikaya is as follows: happened:The amendment to the Regulation, which allows motorcycles up to 125 cc to be used with a Class B driver’s license, came into force today by being published in the Official Gazette No. 32456.

With this regulation;

-2 Having an annual “B” class driver’s license,
-5 Those whose driver’s license has not been revoked within the year,
-Meet the health conditions,
-Taken driving training within the rules and period determined by the Ministry of National Education and passed the exam,

Class B and above driver’s license holders will be able to use motorcycles up to 125 cc, except those used in commercial activities, without paying any fees or changing their Driver’s License, with the annotation entered into the system!

Congratulations to all motorcycle enthusiasts.

I would like to thank our Minister of Environment, Urbanization and Climate Change, Mr. Mehmet Özhaseki, our Minister of National Education, Mr. Yusuf Tekin, and our Minister of Transport and Infrastructure, Mr. Abdulkadir Uraloğlu, with whom we worked together to prepare the regulation. Education is the Key to Safe Driving. Please Let’s Obey the Traffic Rules.”


The following was noted regarding the regulation to be implemented jointly by the Ministers of Internal Affairs, Environment, Urbanization and Climate Change and Transport and Infrastructure: “Regarding this situation, the necessary code is added to the driver’s license system records, and the code is not written on the driver’s license. However, if they wish, these people can have their certificates applied to their driver’s license within 2 years.

If the person who has this code in the system records loses any of the conditions listed in this paragraph or his driver’s license is withdrawn temporarily or permanently pursuant to Law No. 2918, this authority will be canceled by the traffic law enforcement or units authorized to issue driver’s licenses without the need for any other action. This regulation shall enter into force on the date of its publication.”