Millennial parents will love this costume of a very popular video game hero

Millennial parents will love this costume of a very popular

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    Marie Lanen

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    Mardi Gras is just around the corner! If this festival invites families to eat sweet treats, it also encourages young people to dress up. We have found THE costume that will be a hit with young and old alike.

    Mardi Gras is the perfect opportunity for young people to develop their imagination and express their personality and creativity during this colorful and good-humoured annual event! Are you looking for a disguise for your children who are enjoying classic pirates and other Marvel superheroes? We found the perfect costume.

    Sonic, a hedgehog that appeals to many generations

    If initially the character of Sonic was created with the aim of providing Sega with a mascot that could rival that of their competitor Nintendo, the famous Mario; this spicy and super-fast hero has seduced generation Y (born between the beginning of the 1980s and the end of the 1990s). Just like his mustachioed rival, his popularity has remained intact and many children love following the adventures of this anthropomorphic hedgehog who has the power to run at the speed of sound. The costume features the emblematic silhouette of this character as well as its blue color, a nod to the Sega logo! Once the costume and the hood are put on, the children will definitely be at the head of the Carnival procession!

    Playing dress-up: many benefits for children

    There is an age when children love to dress up. Good news, in addition to having fun, playing dress-up helps develop their creativity. Disguise is the starting point for many role-playing games, alone or with others, as well as the development of a story. The sense of initiative is thus developed as are fine motor skills. And yes, putting on a costume allows young ones to practice dressing correctly while having fun. If the costume has accessories, it’s even better: hat, belt, buttons… The children’s skills will be worked on without them realizing it.

    Outside of Carnival, don’t hesitate to provide a costume trunk in your child’s room. It doesn’t always have to be store-bought disguises, old shawls, hats, caps, t-shirts that you no longer wear and of course, accessories like a wallet, a handbag and/or a toothbrush. hair will do the trick and will allow your children to imagine a thousand and one adventures.