Mille Örnmark lied about CV in procurements worth billions

Mille Örnmark, CEO of the company We Group, has been hired by several Swedish municipalities in connection with the construction of swimming pools worth billions.
But in connection with the procurements, he has lied about his background, Kalla reveals the facts.
There is no evidence that he has a doctorate in chemistry and microbiology.
– It’s terrible. It’s as frivolous as it can get, says Karin Nilsson, former property manager in Tingsryd municipality.

We Group was responsible for the construction of a swimming pool in Kiruna’s new city center, a project that has been greatly delayed and has now cost several hundred million more than the initial forecast.

Cold facts’ mapping shows how a large number of municipalities used We Group as a consultant, in one or more roles, in swimming pool construction that cost billions.

In the credentials Mille Örnmark submitted during the procurements, there is information that is incorrect or cannot be verified. For example, it is not possible to find evidence for claims that he was a doctor in chemistry and microbiology.

“I do not care”

– You asked about my thesis et cetera, it is private property. I will never send you my material, you can say what you want, I don’t care, Mille Örnmark Kalla Fakta replies when he is first asked questions about his alleged competence.

Later he claims to have become a doctor in Argentina and Portugal but presents no evidence to TV4.

In other CVs to municipalities, he has indicated various degrees and training in a number of subjects, which are not found in a search of the university’s archives.

– If you from your own side try to follow all the rules of the game that you have in the municipal organization with laws and public procurement, then you expect to be able to be met by serious counterparts, says Karin Nilsson, former property manager at Tingsryd municipality.

After Kalla fakta’s interviews, the company now states that Mille Örnmark only has a high school diploma and that they will immediately review and update information in the CV.

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