Milan cautious with the other European stock exchanges despite a cold shower on GDP

Milan cautious with the other European stock exchanges despite a

(Tiper Stock Exchange) – Cautious session for Piazza Affari and the main European stock exchangeswhich suffer some uncertainty for the publication of the American Job Reportalthough the coupons given on the Chinese PMI and those gods Eurozone PMI have favored a small recovery of the markets. Modest the impact of Italian GDPrevised down to -0.4%.

L’Euro / US Dollar the session continued at the previous levels, reporting a variation of +0.04%. Slight increase ingold, which rises to $1,944 an ounce. Light Sweet Crude Oil continued trading, up 0.99% to $84.46 per barrel.

On equality it spreadswhich remains at +165 basis points, with the yield on the ten-year BTP standing at 4.14%.

Among the markets of the Old Continent nothing done for Frankfurtwhich changes hands on parity, the better Londonwhich records an increase of 0.55%, in small steps Pariswhich shows an increase of 0.16%.

Stop I place the Milan Stock Exchange above parity, with the FTSEMIB which stands at 28,836 points; on the same line, colorless the FTSE Italia All-Share, which continues the session at 30,863 points, on the same levels as before. Without direction the FTSE Italia Mid Cap (-0.1%); slightly down the FTSE Italy Star (-0.36%).

Among the best Blue Chips of Piazza Affari, well bought ENIwhich marks a sharp rise of 1.71%.

Telecom Italy advances by 1.50%.

Tenaris advances by 1.29%.

It’s moving modestly up Leonardoshowing an increase of 1.01%.

The strongest declines, however, occur on Ferrariwhich continues the session with -1.64%.

Slack Registerwhich shows a small decrease of 1.47%.

Modest descent for Stellantiswhich drops a small -0.69%.

Thoughtful amplifiera fractional decline of 0.53%.

Between best stocks in the FTSE MidCap, Danieli (+1.58%), CIR (+1.27%), Soul Holding (+1.05%) and Maire Tecnimont (+0.92%).

The strongest declines, however, occur on MARRwhich continues the session with -2.50%.

Sales on Eurogroup Laminationswhich records a drop of 2.07%.

Bad sitting for Sesawhich shows a loss of 1.67%.

He hesitates LU-VE Groupwith a modest drop of 1.31%.