Mikaela’s worries before Eurovision with her nine-year-old son: Unpleasant

The Eurovision Song Contest is fast approaching. But the folk festival is overshadowed by the current security situation – something that worries fan and mother Mikaela Ahlm.
My son said that: Mom, even if it’s “once in a lifetime”, it’s not worth it if something happens.

Eurovision fan Mikaela Ahlm screamed loudly last year when Loreen brought home the victory to Sweden.

Now she has tickets for herself and her nine-year-old son – but a doubt has begun to grow about actually going to the schlagerfest, which kicks off in Malmö in less than two weeks.

– It is clear that I think about the security situation, you have to do that in a situation like this, I have responsibility for myself and for him.

The security requirements for the Eurovision Song Contest are high. Bomb dogs are deployed to search hotels around Malmö Arena, surveillance cameras are deployed and the Minister of Justice Gunnar Strömmer has meetings with Säpo and the police.

“Uncomfortable for a nine-year-old”

The police will also have reinforcement weapons, which will correspond to k-piste, during the event. Several applications for demonstrations have been submitted which are supposed to be held during the week of the events.

Petra Stenkula, police area manager in Malmö, says that there is no direct threat to Eurovision, but that you should always be aware of the terror threat level, which is currently four out of five.

– You are of course a little reassured that there are no direct threats, but it can still feel uncomfortable for me and maybe a nine-year-old to be in those contexts where there are a lot of police and demonstrations, says Mikaela Ahlm.

Son’s words: “Not worth it if something happens”

Mikaela Ahlm has spoken to her son about the situation – and picks up a few words from the nine-year-old.

– He was so nice the other day, he said that going to Eurovision is a “once in a lifetime experience”, and I agree with that. Then we continued talking and he said: Mom, even if it’s “once in a lifetime”, it’s not worth it if something happens.

Mikaela and her son still haven’t decided what to do.

– We have decided that if it feels uncomfortable at home, on the train there or on site, we will turn around.

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