Migrants, Macron: “You can’t leave Italy alone”

Pension reform Macron will speak to the French the former

(Finance) – “Yes, it is here, I will see it, we will have the opportunity to continue to exchange views. I hope to be able to cooperate with the Italian government, Italy cannot be left alone in the face of this pressure” of migratory flows. That’s what the said French President Emmanuel Macron upon his arrival at Council of Europe summit in Reykjavikanswering Tg3’s questions about its possible meeting with Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni after the tensions on the issue of migrants. “We must be able to welcome those who come from countries at war and against traffickers – he added Macron –, we need European solidarity and the effectiveness of our common borders”. “We will work together. I think there will be an opportunity to meet and exchange our points of view. We have to work with all the member states of the EU, that’s my philosophy,” she then said Macron responding to Bfm TV journalists.

“I’ll be able to see everyone, from here I’m going straight to Japan for the G7, so there are long days in which we’ll all talk to everyone. But I repeat, I’ve already answered this, it’s a matter that doesn’t particularly interest me – he confirmed Melons at the summit of the heads of state and government of the Council of Europe, in Reykjavik, answering those who asked her if she will have a meeting with the French president -. I am interested in the issues that the international community must have the strength to face and reiterate without hesitation at this stage. This interests me. The rest are matters of internal politics and we leave them to internal politics. The concrete signal that emerges from this summit, the establishment of the register of damages caused by the war, – he underlined – I think is a very important signal in a phase like this. Here the unity of Europe as a whole must be reaffirmed in defending values ​​that have been affected in Ukraine, democracy, freedom, independence. And obviously an institution like this one born to defend fundamental human rights cannot fail to be present at a time like this. This is the image of a united and concretely acting Europe, this is an institution created to defend fundamental human rights and international law. The rights we have taken for granted in Europe are under attack with the Russian war of aggression and this institution must be there. The idea of ​​this summit, which hasn’t been held since 2005, was born in Turin in the final meeting of our Presidency of the Council of Europe, so I’m happy that we played a role at this moment, which becomes plastically important to say that we will accept that the force of law is supplanted by the law of the strongest. If the rules of international law are broken, this happens, and it is a world that does not suit anyone”.