Migraines: study reveals the effectiveness of a diet based on green vegetables

Migraines study reveals the effectiveness of a diet based on

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  • Posted on 11/23/2021

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    A 60-year-old man with chronic migraines managed to get rid of them through a diet based primarily on the consumption of dark green leafy vegetables.

    What if we could calm our migraine just by eating green vegetables? This is the hope of American researchers who conducted a study published in the BMJ Case Reports last November 18. Scientists report the case of a 60-year-old man refractory to conventional therapy who suffered from frequent migraines for 12 and a half years, then became chronic for six months. He had already tried prescription drugs as well as avoiding cheese, chocolate and dried fruit, but it had come to nothing. This time he experimented with the observation of researchers a diet, the Low Inflammatory Foods Everyday called LIFE, which can be translated by the low inflammatory daily diet.

    It is a diet based on green vegetables especially those with dark green leaves rich in beta-carotene such as spinach, kale, watercress. He limited whole grains, starches, animal proteins, especially dairy products and red meat. The patient did not change his lifestyle or take any special migraine medications. Assessment: the volunteer followed this diet for two months and reported a “dramatic reduction in the frequency of migraine attacks” indicates the study, “from about 18 to 24 migraine days to 1 migraine day / month”. The analyzes remained the same except “an increase in the levels of beta carotene from 53 µg / dL to 92 µg / dL in the first month “. The patient also reported a decrease in both the duration and the intensity of the seizures.

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    Further research needed

    3 months later, the migraines were gone. The volunteer tried to re-introduce certain foods such as egg whites, salmon and iced tea: he was again suffering from seizures of an intensity of 4 to 5/10 and of a shorter duration. “Overall, the patient reports improved quality of life and functionality since starting the diet.” reports the study which adds that the patient suffered from allergies and seropositivity, which may be related to the onset of migraines. More research will be needed before making any recommendations about the LIFE diet.