Microsoft will sell paid security support for Windows 10

Microsoft will provide paid security support to people for Windows

Microsoft, Windows 10 It will sell paid security support to individuals. Prices have been determined in this regard case.

Making a statement last year MicrosoftSupport for Windows 10 operating system October 14, 2025 announced that it will be discontinued on . The operating system will receive security updates until 2025, meaning it will not be left vulnerable to new security vulnerabilities. It can be moved beyond 2025 safely but only for a fee. Because, according to the official statement, Microsoft is now offering services to people as well as companies who want to stay on Windows 10. It will offer paid security updates after 2025. In this regard, by the company, “While we strongly recommend that you upgrade to Windows 11, we understand that there may be some situations that may prevent you from updating your Windows 10 devices. That’s why we’ll be rolling out Extended Security Updates to everyone.” statement is made, according to the post made today, the extended support is for the first year. 61 dollarsfor the second year 122 dollarsand for the third year, full 244 dollars It is stated that . It should be noted that these prices are per device.


Microsoft has been implementing a very aggressive upgrade-oriented advertising policy for a long time to encourage people to upgrade to the current version Windows 11, and frequently displays notifications within Windows 10. Since it is possible to switch from Windows 10 to Windows 11 for free, the company does not want people to stay on the old version, and millions of users do not want to switch to Windows 11 and still think that they do not have a reason to switch to the latest version. From time to time, information for Windows 12 also comes to the fore. Windows 11 before 2024 It is said that it will be receivable, but this does not seem to be real anymore. Windows 12 operating system Work on it has been going on for a long time. To the center of Windows 11 which has already integrated Bing, a new generation artificial intelligence-based chat bot based on ChatGPT. Last year, Microsoft made a splash with the news that it could build the entire foundation of W12 on hardware-supported artificial intelligence from top to bottom.