Microsoft separates Teams and Office globally

Microsoft Teams is strengthened with new Copilot features

It is one of the most popular services in the business world. Microsoft Teams, According to new information, from the Office package leaving.

This separation, which was made especially within the scope of the DMA period in Europe but will not be limited to Europe, is of course welcomed very positively. The software giant will now sell Teams and Office separately globally, allowing Teams to be purchased at a much more affordable price. will soon introduce a new version of its 365 and Office 365 subscription service that does not include Teams. Competitors have long argued that the services mentioned above should not be offered together. He said it gave Microsoft an unfair advantage. and he wanted this situation to change. The popular service Teams was added to Office 365 for free in 2017. Microsoft Teams Before this, it was brought to the agenda with the Copilot step. Teams, which facilitates business communication, will soon be able to combine automatically transcribed voice conversations with text conversations and extract summaries from them. In this way, people can quickly be informed about the latest developments, and the Copilot assistant in Teams will also be developed. The new version will be able to write messages in different styles for you (You may even be asked to make a joke here.), artificial intelligence coming soon You will also be able to create new messages using the content in Teams chats..


Stating that they will offer Teams Premium users an automatic system that summarizes voice conversations, Microsoft will gradually open all of these features to everyone in the coming period. Meanwhile Windows 11 a new one for copilot feature is coming. In the coming period, Windows 11 users, They will be able to send a file directly to Copilot from the menu they open by right-clicking on it.

This is specifically “document” The feature, which focuses on files, allows people to quickly view the content in the document. will allow you to summarize and this opportunity will save a lot of time in some cases. This feature, which is not yet available to the public but has been reported to have been tested for a long time, of course looks nice and is expected to gain a wider scope over time.