Microsoft Partners with Inworld AI for Artificial Intelligence

Microsoft Partners with Inworld AI for Artificial Intelligence

In collaboration with Inworld AI, Xbox is developing Microsoft Artificial Intelligence-powered tools that will redefine narrative and character creation. The process of creating games for developers is now even easier and more impressive.

Microsoft’s game console Xbox is preparing to push the boundaries of game development using artificial intelligence technology. Shaking hands with Inworld AI, Xbox has entered the process of developing artificial intelligence-supported tools for narrative and character creation. This comprehensive collaboration aims to take creativity in video games to a new level with the help of artificial intelligence.

Microsoft Artificial Intelligence Opens New Dimensions in Game Development with Xbox and Inworld AI

The focus of this collaboration is to create an accessible and responsibly designed multiplatform AI toolset to assist developers in their game design process. Inworld AI, as one of the leading companies in the field of artificial intelligence, recently attracted attention by raising $50 million at a $500 million valuation.

The support offered by artificial intelligence tools to developers will provide significant convenience in the process of designing the game’s story, missions and dialogues. In particular, the tool called AI Design Copilot will help developers turn creative ideas into scenarios, dialogue trees and tasks. The Artificial Intelligence Character Runtime Engine will improve the player experience by making in-game NPCs more realistic and dynamic.

The use of artificial intelligence technologies marks a new era in game development. Artificial intelligence, which manifests itself in many areas from procedural content production to enemy artificial intelligence, now aims to revolutionize storytelling and character interaction.

Inworld AI CEO Ilya Gelfenbeyn, for Xbox’s contributions to games, emphasizes their goal of taking gaming experiences even further with this new collaboration. “Xbox has not only launched iconic games like Starfield and Minecraft, it has created an ecosystem of services, technology and talent to unleash the creativity of game developers and capture the imaginations of gamers everywhere. That makes us even more proud to be a part of Inworld,” the statement said. “It’s a journey he can’t hear,” he said.