Microsoft officially announces massive layoff

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The allegations that “Microsoft is planning a major layoff” in the morning have been officially confirmed. Unfortunately, many people are out of work. is happening.

Software giant, one of the largest technology companies in the world Microsoft, According to the official statement, by the third quarter of 2023 More than 10 thousand employees will part ways with. This unfortunate development is among the worst consequences of global economic problems, which make their impact very strong. Right now It is said to have around 220 thousand employees. CEO of the company Satya Nadellagave an interview in the past weeks and said that Microsoft’s “not immune to global situations” he stated. In fact, here was the first signal for the step taken now. As part of this interview, Nadella also said, “The next two years will probably be the toughest years” he said.

As we have mentioned before, at the end of 2022, Twitter 3,500 parted ways with so many people, Meta fully 11 thousand fired the person. Then Amazon It was said that he would start parting ways with exactly 10 thousand personnel. This issue has been brought up a short time ago. Amazon’s new CEO after Jeff Bezos Andy Jassyannounced that the layoffs will reach up to 18,000 people. openly before Stating that they will continue to lay off in 2023, the CEO said, He also states that some other strict measures are planned in the new period.


The company is still really big in terms of number of employees. For example, The New York Times, the source that first announced the layoff, reported that 10,000 employees accounted for 3 percent of the company’s corporate staff and He said it would represent only 1 percent of the overall workforce. Now the firm a total of 1.5 million employees it has been reported.

In particular, during the layoff It is reported that Amazon will focus on the hardware side with Alexa-supported among the companies affected by global inflation, like many other giant names. Currently, many large companies are on the side of layoffs. It also prefers to stop recruitment.