Microsoft Bing Chat Software Integrated into Skype!

Microsoft Bing Chat Software Integrated into Skype

Microsoft, one of today’s largest technology companies, collaborated with Skype to improve the experience of the Bing Chat robot. Microsoft added a feature to the software that allows text messages to be rewritten in the desired tone.

With the development of technology, artificial intelligence continues to be included in our lives. The giant company of the software field Microsoft is trying to integrate the Bing Chat it has developed into all its products. As part of these developments, this time Bing Chat has been integrated into the Skype chat experience.

Skype Insider 8.104 The Tone Rewrites feature included in the preview structure helps rewrite a message text in different styles. Right now Professional, Everyday And Cynical There are some options such as. You can easily benefit from Bing Chat support by choosing one of these tones before typing the text.

Users who want to experience this new feature can select the tone they want from the menu at the top of the text field after entering the message text. After these steps, Microsoft Bing Chat recreates the message based on the tone you selected. Finally, the user can re-create the text or revert to the original text.

If you don’t like the tone of the text or want to change the text content, there is also a revert feature. You can also compare the texts written in all tones and choose the one you like. Skype Microsoft Bing Chat integration, which is currently being offered to users gradually, will be activated for all Skype users in the coming days.

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