“Micro-flirting”, this subtle seduction technique that you might miss

Micro flirting this subtle seduction technique that you might miss

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    Like photos on social networks, give a slight smile, or compliment an outfit. These actions seem harmless, but they can actually be “micro-flirting”. This subtle seduction technique would often be used by shy or insecure people to establish a connection with the person they are interested in.

    We already knew about micro cheating, or micro deception, here is micro-flirting. This new expression from Generation Z refers to small, discreet and subtle gestures used to seduce. These gestures are far from ostentatious and can pass as ordinary gestures of kindness.

    Kathleen Callewaert, relationship expert, interviewed by Het Laatste Nieuws states: “These are small gestures, looks, or generally ambiguous words that suggest interest and attraction without being too direct. This could be, for example, a smile, an unnoticed touch or a subtle compliment“. From these simple gestures, the person hopes to establish a more intimate bond with the other person, without it being too obvious.

    According to Kimberly Moffit, a relationship and dating expert known by her TikTok handle @ask_kimberly, there are other signs that are a little harder to detect and can tip off. In video viewed more than a million times, the specialist identifies three signs of micro-flirting in men.

    First sign: naughty jokes. “If he makes these kinds of jokes, it’s not just because you’re sexually attractive to him but because he’s testing you to see if you can take these kinds of jokes and play them.“Then come group outings, where someone will take you aside to get to know you better.”This doesn’t make you seem like a flirt but you are the only one he gives attention to even if other girls are present“, she explains. And last indicator: the “monologue” or when a man talks a lot and you have the impression that he has practiced. “They only do this when they really want to make a good first impression and it means they like you.“.

    According to experts, micro-flirting is aimed at introverted and sometimes clumsy people. Seducing someone can be tricky, and many prefer not to try anything out of shyness, or fear of rejection. For matchmaker Annemieke Dubois, also contacted by Het Laaste Nieuws, micro-flirting is a good way to break the ice for these people: “They can thus try gently, but also explore and overcome their own fears.. “But you have to be careful“, she warns. “If micro-flirting stems from deep insecurity about oneself or one’s intentions, it may be best to work on one’s self-confidence or self-image first..

    Hands, lips... Decode the signs during a first date!

    Slide: Hands, lips… Decode the signs during a first date!