Mia Karlsson’s huge tribute to her daughter Frida’s great rival – says exactly what everyone is thinking: “Role model”

Jessie Diggins’ revelation got the entire athletics world behind her.
Now comes another tribute – from Frida Karlsson’s mother.
– She is a role model, says Mia Karlsson to Radiosporten.

Jessie Diggins is one of the really big stars of cross-country skiing, and in the US she has, to say the least, broken new ground in the sport. Diggins became the first American women’s cross-country skier ever to win an individual World Championship gold when she beat Frida Karlsson and Ebba Andersson last winter.

The frank confession

But the summer has been tough for Jessie Diggins. At the beginning of her career, Diggins struggled with an eating disorder, and over the summer she has had a relapse, something she candidly talked about on Instagram.

“After twelve healthy years, this summer I struggled with my eating disorder,” she writes, among other things.

230228 Jessie Diggins of USA celebrates after competing in the Women’s Cross Country Skiing 10 km Free Technique during the FIS Nordic Ski World Championships on February 28, 2023 in Planica. Photo: Petter Arvidson / BILDBYRÅN

Jessie Diggins said that it was hard for her to tell her husband and her friends, but that now it’s about taking one step at a time, and that skiing may then take second place, and getting healthy is the priority. Diggins is now heavily supported by the skiing world, and several Swedish skiing stars have already expressed their support for Diggins’ openness. And now Frida Karlsson’s mother is also speaking out.

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“A rolemodel”

Mia Karlsson herself suffered from an eating disorder as a young person, and as an adult she has worked hard to break the stigma around eating disorders, and she works hard to get leaders to pay attention to the problem.

– I think it’s great. Being an elite athlete is no bed of roses. It can look like that on social media and stuff like that. But Jessie is a role model for being open about her history, says Mia Karlsson to Radiosporten.

220324 Frida Karlsson, Sollefteå IF, and Mia Karlsson after the ladies’ 15km mass start during day 2 of the SM week on March 24, 2022 in Piteå. Photo: Maxim Thore / BILDBYRÅN

Mia Karlsson’s daughter, Frida, also praises Jessie Diggins for her honesty.

– First of all, I thought it was strong of her to tell. The road to the top is not straight. Everyone has things to struggle with, whether it’s injuries or an eating disorder like in her case, the star tells Expressen.

– I can understand the feeling, that you struggle with something you cannot get rid of.

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