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With Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, the latest offshoot of the popular shooter series has been out for a few days and the first tests are already available on Metacritic. We at MeinMMO show you how the title has been received so far and how it compares to CoD: Vanguard.

With Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, the popular shooter series has received a new spin-off and the successor to Modern Warfare, which was released in 2019. Matching this, CoD MW2 plays in a modern setting and, in addition to numerous multiplayer modes, also delivers a campaign.

What distinguishes the shooter from the previous offshoot of the series can be seen in the video on MeinMMO:

CoD Modern Warfare 2: Important changes explained quickly – with gameplay

These are the ratings for CoD MW2

How are the ratings on Metacritic? The average rating of CoD MW2 is quite good. The shooter scores an 86 on the PC version and a solid 83 on the PS5.

The value corresponds to the average calculated from the different ratings. The maximum score is a 100 value. Below is a brief overview of the reviews:

Reviews on PS5 via metacritic:

  • PlayStation LifeStyle – 90
  • IGN Italy – 87
  • Hobby Consolas – 85
  • JeuxActu – 80
  • Guardian-80
  • TheSixthAxis—80
  • Atomix – 79
  • Reviews on PC via metacritic:

  • GamersRD – 96
  • Gaming Trend – 85
  • Vandal – 83
  • Gamersky – 79
  • What is Metacritic? Metacritic is a popular site that collects reviews. An average rating for games and films is then calculated based on the different reviews.

    CoD Modern Warfare 2 inspires players with its campaign – “I immediately got goosebumps”

    Reviews on Metacritic praise the gameplay

    What do the reviews say? The reviews on Metacritic mostly agree: CoD MW2 is fun, but has its problems. Above all, the different modes of multiplayer and the gunplay are praised. Already after the beta, players praised the “Battlefield mode” of the latest CoD.

    In general, the gameplay is entertaining and also offers the opportunity to spend many hours in the shooter thanks to the various and upcoming content. The main points of criticism are technical problems and some game errors, which the developers could fix in the future.

    MeinMMO editor Maik Schneider also wrote down his first impression of CoD MW2 after the beta and praised aspects similar to the reviews on Metacritic. He especially liked the movement, the weapon feeling and the new gadgets.

    Is CoD Modern Warfare 2 worth buying? The most important information at a glance

    Players complain about the missing mode and game crashes

    Is there criticism from the players? Yes, the players primarily complain about the technical problems of the shooter. On Steam, players call CoD MW2 the “Crashing Simulator 2022”.

    After the developers then disabled the so-called attachment tuning to counteract the crashes, some players said that they didn’t want the feature back at all.

    The hardcore mode, which was still missing at the time of release, or the renewed advantages for PlayStation players are not well received either.

    CoD MW2 performs better than CoD: Vanguard on Metacritic

    How did the predecessor perform? Compared to the last Call of Duty so far, the CoD: Vanguard released in 2021, CoD MW2 does really well. Set during World War II, the shooter was not well received by Metacritic critics or users.

    The PC version of Vanguard scores a 72 on Metacritic, well below MW2’s 86. There is also a strong difference among users: while MW2 has a solid 7.3, Vanguard only has a 3.3 score.

    It looks similar on the PS5. With a 73 from critics and a 3.5 from users, Vanguard falls significantly short of MW2’s 83 and 6.1 ratings (via metacritic).

  • The ratings were inserted at the time of publication of the article: Status – 01 November, 16:00
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