Meta sues another company over “data scraping”

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Facebook roofing company Meta, actively involved in some legal battles as well as new features or services. is located.

parent company of Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp Metaaccused of creating thousands of fake accounts to collect data from the profile of more than 600,000 Facebook users. Voyager Labs filed a major lawsuit against the firm. This company receives information from groups and pages, as well as information such as posts, likes, friend lists, photos, and comments. massive levels of data scraping are reported. Meta also states that the process is not limited to Facebook only. According to the statement, Voyager concealed these transactions using its monitoring software and tried to sell it to others. Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and Telegram’also collected data from

Meta is information that people share within communities on Facebook, with their family or friends. secretly collecting without any permission This is not the first time that companies are engaged in a legal battle with them. The company has previously octopus a company and Ekrem Ates from their platform “data scraping” He was sued for doing it.


The company, which does not want detailed data to be collected and shared collectively through public profiles on its own platforms, and which frequently warns those who take action on this issue, not afraid to engage in legal battle. According to Meta, the Octopus company offers its customers Amazon, eBay, Twitter, Yelp, Google, Target, Walmart, Indeed, LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram It sells open data collected from platforms / sites such as

According to meta Ekrem Ates on the other hand, scraped data from about 350 thousand Instagram accounts via an automatic system and published them on a site. Stating that they have been sending warnings to Ateş since 2021, Meta, He had taken a similar step before. Collecting data from more than 100 thousand Instagram accounts in 2020 Ensar Sahinturk had been sued.