Meta Quest Pro was a bad showing for the future of Metaverse

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Meta signed new virtual reality headset MetaQuest Pro, Judging by a review metaverse It’s in a bad showing position for its future.

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg by MetaConnect 2022 virtual reality headset showcased at the event MetaQuest Pro, It managed to attract attention when it was first introduced. First of all, it has a thinner body than many of its competitors, basically to go over it. Quest ProIt comes with two precision working wireless controllers and carries cameras and sensors outside for onboard environment analysis. your strength Snapdragon XR2 Plus virtual reality headset from the processor, It has 12GB of RAM and comes with 256GB of internal storage.

Two 1800×1920 pixel 90 Hz LCD screens bearing Meta Quest Proreveals better image quality than Quest 2 with updated optics. The product, which brings a maximum of 2 hours of wireless user experience and can be powered continuously by cable if desired, is 50 percent faster than Quest 2 and is equipped with 10 different sensors in total. Allowing the environment to be seen with camera systems Quest Pro, here it also enters the augmented reality side and It can place virtual objects in your environment. The product, which can track eye and facial movements with the sensors inside, can transfer to your virtual avatar.


So, does this strong infrastructure also reflect on practical use? The answer is unfortunately no. Meta is very important metaverse It is the first product prepared for the future and offered for sale after the metaverse transformation. Quest Pro for $1,499According to the reviews, it falls far behind expectations. title The Verge viewing for website Adi Robertsonis one of the names that are not satisfied with the experience offered.

get me out of hereIn his review titled ”Quest Pro is not good” said the editor transmitting: “Quest Pro, which was apparently released without a plan and aimlessly, highlights the disadvantages of VR rather than its strengths and comes with irreparable bad software. We’re seeing where the meta is going or what it’s aiming for, but right now the company’s current metaverse worlds aren’t exactly a fun place to be.”

Quest Pro, which is seen as an expensive, heavy and useful product far from practical useIt is an option that is desired to host meetings, replace large monitors and create a more permanent sense of connection with other people in virtual reality, but it does not fulfill this at the moment and does not seem like an option that will attract the end user. Meta’s The most advanced reality headset to come out of Reality Labs, where it has poured more than $10 billiononce again reveals that the field is still in its infancy.

Here or, as you can see in the video review just above, Meta’s Horizon specially prepared for virtual worlds metaverse The experience is really bad. The graphics seem too simplistic, unworthy of 2022, the characters don’t move fluidly or naturally. The characters also do not have legs yet, but this will be changed in the future.

Bad experience here, despite their powerful hardware Quest Pro It doesn’t change it either, the new title cannot perform even simple perceptions naturally, despite all the advanced systems. Also, Meta metaverse The infrastructures it has established for the purpose do not work stable, although few people use it, errors are seen very often. People cannot communicate properly with each other in this world, Horizon is amazing Even Meta’s employees don’t want to use it.

your name just metaverse for Meta The company, which has made it into this position, creates the impression that it will fail in the metaverse. Not only we, but also Meta’s investors think so. metaverse big money spent for It has created unrest in the meta.