Meta is overly ambitious for the augmented reality headset it developed

Meta He speaks extremely ambitiously for the new augmented reality headset. Yes, a real augmented reality headset from the company is coming.

Meta generates billions of dollars every month within the scope of its new investments. burned “Reality Labs” It develops many virtual and augmented reality titles in its department. The company’s biggest focus so far has been on virtual reality. In the coming years, we will see a truly real augmented reality headset. and within the companyProject Nazare“This title is according to the statement of Caitlin Kalinowski, one of the company’s senior officials. It will make a lot of noise. In people, “Oh my God, wow! I can not believe this!” It is said that it will create a reaction like (It’s not easy to do this nowadays) Kalinowski for the product, “Users will be able to see both real photons and the virtual objects they want together.” is in the statement. It is said that this headset will increase or improve reality rather than recreating it. It is also said that the headset to be equipped with microOLED projectors will be based on an advanced productive artificial intelligence. The product, which is still far away and what it will look like is not yet known, may be the best solution on the market with what has been learned from Apple Vision Pro and other solutions when it is released.


Before this Meta developed by Ray-Ban smart glasses gained an artificial intelligence assistant that can “see, hear and speak”. Meta If you don’t know, it’s been a long time Ray-Ban The brand develops and actively sells smart glasses. This standard-looking product you see above, with cameras inside, is a product that was previously opened to early access.Now, thanks to its new infrastructure that is available to everyone, it gains an advanced artificial intelligence assistant. This assistant can see what you see or hear what you hear, so it can give effective answers to the questions you ask.

On this basis, the assistant can be asked to translate the text seen, tell what the object, plant, animal or building is, start a video recording or take a photo, turn on music or send a voice message to a specified person via WhatsApp. With the glasses, you can also make video calls via WhatsApp or live broadcast on Instagram. Here New frame colors are also offered, which you can see.