Messy New Year’s Eve in Sweden

Messy New Years Eve in Sweden

Published: Less than 20 min ago

full screen New Year’s Eve in Sweden has been messy. Archive image. Photo: Johan Nilsson/TT

Murders, fights, fires and rockets fired at people and homes.

It was a messy New Year’s Eve in several parts of Sweden.

New Year’s Eve began with the brutal murder of a 20-year-old man in Vällingby just before 7pm on Saturday evening. Two more people were injured and, according to information to Aftonbladet, the perpetrator is said to have created confusion by shooting New Year’s rockets after the crime. Two more people were shot, but the injuries are said to be minor. No one has yet been arrested for the murder.

Although no more serious personal injuries were reported during the night, people as well as homes and cars were hit by rockets.

In Skåne, several people were fired upon by rockets and also apartments and cars were hit by New Year’s rockets. A man was beaten in Burlöv during the evening after telling people to stop shooting rockets.

– We have had some problems with young people smoking fireworks, but nothing serious and we have no injuries. In Trollhättan, there was a bit of a fight after checking a car, which we are now investigating as blue light sabotage, says Göran Carlbom, on-duty commander of police region West.

Investigating blue light sabotage

In Stockholm, there were several incidents with rockets and firecrackers that were handled carelessly.

– It is difficult to know what was deliberate or unconscious, but in the center of Rissne rockets were fired at the subway and people. The police were also shot at when they arrived at the scene, so we have started a preliminary investigation into blue light sabotage, says Helena Boström Thomas, press spokesperson at the Stockholm Police.

The subway in Tensta was also fired upon by rockets as well as Hjulsta square. In Hallonbergen, two young men are suspected of causing danger to others and violating the law on flammable and explosive goods after firing rockets.

– Central Stockholm, on the other hand, has been relatively calm and it has mainly been about the traffic flow and handling large crowds, says Helena Boström Thomas.

Rocket against police

In police region East, there were no serious incidents during Saturday night, which is described as a normal payday Saturday.

– There has been a lot of talk about fireworks, but no serious injuries have occurred. There have been a couple of incidents where rockets have been fired at crowds and some have been taken into custody. In Linköping we received calls about rockets against windows and properties. The police patrol was also fired upon by rockets, so we have drawn up a report of blue light sabotage and a man in his 20s is suspected but not arrested, says Erik Creutz, on-duty commander of police region East.

– You can sum it up with a lot of assault cases but no serious personal injuries, says Erik Creutz.

In northern Sweden, on the other hand, it was calmest during New Year’s Eve, even though it was not extremely cold.

– It has been relatively good on the whole with a lot of events but not extreme in any way. A bit of fighting and brawling and drunks and young people who set off fireworks, but nothing that stands out, says Björn Pettersson, commander at police region North.