Mes, Donohoe: important for the whole Eurozone, not just for Italy

Mes Donohoe important for the whole Eurozone not just for

(Finance) – The president of the Eurogroup, Paschal Donohoeduring the press conference at the end of the morning session he announced that he had been informed by the Minister of Economy Giancarlo Giorgetti on parliamentary procedures for the ratification of the reform of the ESM treaty. “I want to underline that having this safeguard is important not only for Italy, but for the entire euro area and I am confident that the Italian authorities will do their utmost on this issue.”

“It is not appropriate for me to comment on the details of the nature of the process parliamentarian underway” in Italy – he added – but “as president of the Eurogroup” I underline that “it also concerns the other 19 member states. In recent years we have seen how rapidly the conditions economical can change. And we can see the value of certainty and support.”