Mercedes eActros LongHaul comes with ambitious numbers

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The Mercedes eActros LongHaul, which was shown with the last level it has been brought at the Hannover Commercial Vehicle Fair, is now very close to the production version.

The electrification effect, which has gradually started to show itself in light commercial vehicles after passenger cars, is perhaps the most curious in the heavy commercial future. Although it is not very common for now, the range values ​​of 600 to 800 kilometers started to be seen in the cars, and it started to spread slowly to the truck side of the process. Mercedes side, which has been working on this issue for more than 2 years, wants to officially present the fruits of these efforts to the streets in 2024. This move, which we will see with the Mercedes eActros LongHaul, which has been two years since its debut, is here again with its latest developments at the Hannover Commercial Vehicle Fair.


Partnerships draw attention as well as Mercedes eActros LongHaul

There is a serious investment for eActros LongHaul, which has grown in front of our eyes in the transition from prototype to production version. Mercedes, which spends extra hours on the batteries to be used in the vehicle, is aware that the fast charging point is as vital as the range. When we look at the technical table, we see that a huge battery capacity of 600 kWh will be used in the mass production version. With this package, we will see a completely different level of fast charging in the model, which is expected to offer a range of more than 500 kilometers. With the filling capacity pronounced in megawatt units, there is a charging experience where users can reach from 20 percent to 80 percent in 30 minutes. Of course, for such a charging source, a very serious investment must be made in parallel.


Mercedes is also collaborating with innovative trailer companies for use in eActros LongHaul and other heavy commercial vehicles in the upcoming period. In this way, the fact that the platforms on which the containers are integrated have an electric motor and battery system in themselves, relaxes the tractor and allows to capture more range values. Mercedes did not neglect to share the information that in such a scenario, up to 800 kilometers can be reached with a full charge. We see that the electric motors that will be located in the eActros LongHaul produce 544 PS (continuous) power in combination. The maximum power of 816 PS can be achieved in order to meet the needs at certain intervals. The eActros LH, which will be put into mass production in 2024, will be on our agenda again in the coming days.