Meningioma under progestogen: the ANSM creates a committee to assess the risks

Meningioma under progestogen the ANSM creates a committee to assess

The risk of meningioma already associated with taking Androcur, Luteran or Lutényl “cannot be excluded with other progestins” informs the ANSM, which announces the creation of a scientific committee to assess this risk and consider new prescribing recommendations.

colprone®, estimated®, Climodiene®… Used to treat endometriosisthem fibroidsthem rules long and/or abundant, cycle disorders or even the menopausethem progestins are in the sights of the French health authorities who want to take stock of a possible risk of meningioma (tumor of the membranes (meninges) that surround the brain). A risk of meningioma is already associated with the use of nomegestrol acetate (Lutenyl®), chlormadinone acetate (Luteran®) and cyproterone acetate (Androcur®) which has led the Medicines Agency (ANSM) to issue several recommendations for the patients concerned in France, since 2019. But this risk “cannot be excluded with other progestins” inform theANSM January 20. “Of the reports of meningiomas in people treated with progestin alone have been reported she announces. On January 13, the ANSM created a temporary scientific committee (12 months) “Progestins and risk of meningioma” composed of representatives of patient associations and healthcare professionals responsible for issuing “an opinion on the conditions of use of progestins with regard to the risk of meningioma, so that people for whom these treatments are justified can continue to benefit from it under secure conditions.

What progestins are marketed in France?

DrugProgestogen present and its dosage
Climodiene, Misolfa, Oedien, Qlaira, Visanne and genericsdienogest – 2mg
Climaston and Duphastondydrogesterone – 10mg
colpronemedrogestone – 5 mg
Estima 100 mg, Progestan 100 mg, Utrogestan 100 mg and genericsprogesterone – 100mg
Estima 200 mg, Progestan 200 mg, Utrogestan 200 mg and genericsprogesterone – 200mg

What to do if you are on progestin?

For the moment, no recommendation has been issued by the Medicines Agency apart from patients treated with Lutéran®, Lutényl® and Androcur®. Do not stop treatment without medical advice. The recommendations that will result from the temporary Scientific Committee “will be published and disseminated pending the results of new epidemiological studies which will make it possible to demonstrate or invalidate the risk of meningioma” specifies the ANSM.

A meningioma is a tumor of the membranes that surround the brain: brains. In the vast majority of cases, these tumors are not cancerous. but are likely to be the cause of serious disorders and then require heavy and risky surgery. The Symptoms suggestive of a cerebral meningioma are: frequent headaches, vision, language or hearing disorders, dizziness, memory problems… If in doubt, see your doctor about your symptoms.

Source: Risk of meningioma and progestins: ANSM convenes a new committee of patient and healthcare professional experts, ANSM, 20 January 2023.