Meloni in New York for the UN summit, his speech at the general assembly tomorrow

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(Finance) – The Prime Minister, Georgie Melons, has arrived in New York where she will participate in the UN general assembly. After the opening of the proceedings – among others, speeches by the general secretary are scheduled, Anthony Guterresand the US president, Joe Biden –, Meloni in the afternoon (4.30 pm local time, 10.30 pm in Italy) will lay a wreath of flowers in Columbus Circle, in the presence of some representatives of the Columbus Citizen Foundation and other Italian American associations. The Prime Minister’s speech to the general assembly is scheduled for tomorrow.

It is expected that among the topics of his speeches there will also be space migrant dossiers, underlining that Italy cannot be left alone and Europe’s help is not enough. Meloni will also reiterate his firm support forUkraine and the necessary and tireless work for a “just peace”. In front of the Assembly which traditionally brings together heads of state and government of the 193 member states, Meloni will address a series of topics, including the reform of the UN and the centrality of multilateralism.

Even the Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky he arrived at New York to participate in the UN General Assembly. After New York, Zelensky will go to Washington where he will be received by Joe Biden at White House. “I arrived in the United States for the UN Assembly and a visit to Washington,” during which “I will thank the United States on behalf of Ukraine for assistance,” the Ukrainian president wrote on X. “I will participate in the UN General Assembly, al Security Council and I will have numerous bilateral meetings. Ukraine will present a concrete proposal to the UN member states on how to strengthen the principle of territorial integrity”, added Zelensky, underlining that “in Washington he will meet President Joe Biden, the leaders of Congress, the vertices military and American companies. Will thank the United States on behalf of Ukraine for assistance in our struggle for independence and freedom.”

In a’interview to CBS News, Zelensky admitted that the progress of Kiev’s counteroffensive has been slow and that “the situation is difficult”, but it is necessary to move forward and “not give respite to Putin“. “We have the initiative. This is an advantage,” the Ukrainian president said. “We stopped the Russian offensive and went on the counteroffensive. And yet, it’s not very fast,” he added. “We have to clear our territory as much as possible and move forward, even if it’s less than half a mile or a hundred yards, we have to do it,” he continued. “We don’t have to give truce to Putin.”

As for the attacks Of drones on the Russia – which Ukraine does not officially recognize – Zelensky stressed that Kiev “uses partners’ weapons only on the territory of Ukraine”, but “Russia must know that whatever place is used to launch missiles to hit Ukraine, l ‘Ukraine has every moral right to attack those places.”