Mehtap Teke, the legacy from daughter to father

Mehtap Teke the legacy from daughter to father

Born into a working-class family of Kurdish origin, Mehtap Teke grew up in the city of Charleroi, Belgium. After having lived and worked all over the world, Mehtap Teke publishes a moving first novel with Viviane Hamy editions.

On the cover of the book, a little girl perched on the shoulders of her father who holds her arms raised to the sky, forming the “V” of victory. The father and the daughter are from behind, they seem to be running towards the light. We can see at the bottom, on the left, the chimney and the headframe of a coal mine. It is indeed in the Belgian settlements that Mehtap Teke grew up. This is where his father from Turkish Kurdistan passed on so much to him.

This first novel is a series of short chapters which are as many pictures through which, by small strokes, she paints the portrait of the man who made her what she has become.

“Child, I said that I wanted to marry you”, from Mehtap Teke, was published by Viviane Hamy editions.

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