Mega star went through hell while filming one of the best Netflix series: “My house burned”

Mega star went through hell while filming one of the

In his sci-fi dystopia Black Mirror, Charlie Brooker repeatedly presents us with the most frightening visions of the future, which are often closer than we would like. A big guest star came on board for the 5th season, which was produced by Netflix. Miley Cyrus starred in the episode Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too a pop singer whose consciousness was transferred into a doll.

Now Cyrus has spoken again about filming the Black Mirror episode, which was for her a nightmare for a very personal reason became.

Miley Cyrus’ house burned down while filming Netflix

According to Variety, the singer shared in her Used to Be Young video series on TikTok that while filming the Black Mirror episode, her house in Malibu burned down due to a wildfire:

I was in South Africa, but [die Episode] played in Malibu, so it was a real trip. Two or three years later after that happened, I didn’t understand it, but I had these Panic attack with a vision, where I was strapped to a stretcher. I had these dreams every time I went to a gig and I thought it was just a scared vision that didn’t make any sense. But sure enough, as my house burned, I was strapped to a stretcher and my hands were handcuffed to a bed [bei den Dreharbeiten zu „Black Mirror“].

In the TikTok video, Cyrus says that on the next day of filming on the set of the Netflix series, she found out that her house had completely burned down. She pulled herself together and went through with the production anyway.

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