Mega Pinsir – The 20 best attackers in the raid guide

In the raid against Mega Pinsir you should use the right counters in Pokémon GO. In this raid guide, we at MeinMMO have summarized the 20 best monsters and their movesets for defeating the raid boss quickly.

What kind of Pokémon is Mega Pinsir? The raid boss is the temporary Mega Evolution of the Bug Pokémon Pinsir. In order to be able to trigger this yourself, you have to collect the corresponding mega energy, which you receive after winning the raid.

When can you get Mega Pinsir? Pinsir will make his in-game debut with his Mega Evolution during the Candela event “A Daring Hero”, making him available to challenge in the Mega Raids from May 11, 2023 to May 24, 2023.

In order to defeat it quickly, you should therefore fall back on the optimal counter. We have summarized what these are for you below.

Defeat Mega Pinsir in Raid – Top 20 counters

  • Mega Aerodactyl with stone throwing and stone hail
  • Monargoras with stone throw and meteor ray
  • rhyperior with catapult and rock thrower
  • Crypto Aerodactyl with stone throwing and stone hail
  • terracotta with catapult and stone hail
  • Rameidon with catapult and stone hail
  • Brockoloss with catapult and meteor ray
  • Crypto Geowaz with stone throw and stone edge
  • Mega Charizard Y with fire whirl and tan cannonade
  • Landorus with stone throwing and stone hail
  • Mega Aggron with catapult and meteor ray
  • Mega Lohgock with fire whirl and tan cannonade
  • Aerodactyl with stone throwing and stone hail
  • Crypto Amoroso with stone throwing and stone hail
  • Crypto Ho-Oh with reserve power and nosedive
  • Mega Ampharos with Volt Switch and Jewel Power
  • Crypto Lavados with Fire Swirl and Sky Sweeper
  • Crypto tyrant with catapult and stone edge
  • Aeropteryx with flapping wings and antique power
  • Crypto Zapdos with Thunder Shock and Ancient Power
  • We show you a selection of the strongest attackers by type in Pokémon GO in the following video:

    Pokémon GO: The strongest attackers of all types in the video

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    Mega Pinsir Weaknesses: Pinsir uses the Bug and Flying types in his Mega form. In combat, you should therefore primarily rely on rock attackers, because it is particularly sensitive to them. It is also weak against Flying, Fire, Electric, and Ice-type attacks.

    How many trainers do you need? If you use the best counters in the fight against Mega Pinsir and already have a high trainer level and the appropriate experience, then you can bring the raid boss to his knees with two people. However, we recommend that you bring one or two more trainers with you.

    Does Shiny Pinsir exist? Yes, after winning the raid you get the chance to encounter a normal Pinsir. With a bit of luck, this can also be caught in its dazzling form. You can recognize it by a purple body.

    You can then use the collected Mega Energy to further develop this Shiny into a temporary Mega Pinsir.