Meg Ryan played one of the most iconic movie scenes of all time 34 years ago and her children are now terribly ashamed of it

Meg Ryan played one of the most iconic movie scenes

Few scenes are as memorable as the legendary restaurant scene from Harry and Sally. There, Sally (Meg Ryan) plays Harry (Billy Crystal) and all the other guests in the bar loudly imagine a female orgasm. Thirty-four years later, Ryan’s children still suffer from the moment.

Meg Ryan’s orgasm scene is a “unique embarrassment” for her children

As Ryan recently revealed to Entertainment Weekly, her children Jack Quaid (The Boys) and Daisy True Ryan recently moved in with her complained about the popularity of the scene.

My son is currently staying in a hotel across from Katz’s Deli [das Restaurant, in dem die Szene gedreht wurde]. My daughter was there and they said to me over the loudspeaker: “Mom, this is a unique embarrassment.”

As Ryan points out, In the restaurant, even point an arrow at the table where the scene was filmed. It is not known whether her children sat there and ordered exactly what their mother had 34 years ago.

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