MediaMarkt gives you a discount on ALL games, whether PS5, PS4, Nintendo Switch or Xbox

MediaMarkt gives you a discount on ALL games whether PS5

No matter whether you have just treated yourself to a PS5 from Amazon* or have owned a current games console for a long time: I want the device to be fed with the right games. MediaMarkt is now really letting it rip and grants you 20 percent discount on the entire games range.

The highlights for the PlayStation 5

You usually get a good deal, especially on current top titles, as they are rarely heavily discounted. For example, there is the role-playing game Epic Dragon’s Dogma 2 *, which you can get for 55.99 euros instead of 69.99 euros. The unusual fantasy role-playing game impresses with a fascinating open world, which is really worth exploring in detail. The combat system is also pleasingly deep and offers plenty of scope to delve deeper into it.

The next PS5 hit takes you to 19th century Japan, a country that is exposed to great violence, disease and war after it was opened to ships from the West. In Rise of the Ronin * You slip into the role of a brave samurai and fight for your own path.

Here, too, you explore an open world and have to make important decisions complex combat system master. In contrast to Dragon’s Dogma, Rise of the Ronin is not a classic role-playing game and is more akin to the so-called Soulslikes, the most prominent representative of which is currently the mega-hit Elden Ring.

Elden Ring * is also available at a really great price. You only pay 31.99 euros for the Game of the Year 2022 (winner of the Game Awards). If you haven’t given the game a chance yet, now is a good opportunity, because the story DLC Shadow of the Erdtree will be released in June.

Further highlights for the PS5:

The highlights for the Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch also has several flagships that make the console worth it alone. There is, for example Super Mario Bros. Wonder*, one of the most creative (2D) platformers of all time. No matter where you look, Mario’s latest adventure is getting top marks everywhere.

Mario’s queen of hearts, Peach, has now also been treated to her own adventure on the Switch. Princess Peach: Showtime! * is a humorous mix of jumping and mini-games that finally manages to create a main character out of a supporting character.

One of the absolute must-have titles on the Nintendo console The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom *, which gloriously continues Link’s first Switch adventure. You’ll explore the sprawling Hyrule again and there are practically no limits to what you can do. And this time you’re not just on the ground, but also in the sky.

Further highlights for the Switch:

Of course we want you too Xbox highlights* not withheld. The highly acclaimed Star Wars adventure Star Wars Jedi: Survivor * you can get it for just 27.99 euros. Sci-fi fans are definitely looking forward to this Cyberpunk 2077 Ultimate Edition *where you get all the updates released so far including the story expansion Phantom Liberty, which is a spy thriller.

You can still save on all video games at MediaMarkt until April 8th at 9 a.m. Don’t be surprised: the discount will only be deducted in your shopping cart. We wish you happy gaming!

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