MckyTV is leaving Twitch, but not really – explains exactly what happens next

Michael “MckyTV” Doleys (31) received a lot of criticism for his plan to say goodbye to Twitch with a subathon. Now he gives in. You can find out what happens next for the content creator at MeinMMO.

What is the situation around MckyTV?

What is the new development now? On Saturday, April 6th, Mcky released a statement on YouTube. In it he explained that he would not disappear from Twitch completely and that no one should feel pressured to support the subathon financially.

In a stream the next day, Mcky canceled the subathon entirely and instead there will be a big farewell event.

Criticism from Gronkh should be particularly painful, because for many people the streamer is something like the “big brother” of the Internet.

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XXL event instead of subathon

What is Mcky’s statement? In the almost five-minute video, the streamer explains that he noticed the criticism after his announcement and did not want to ignore it. Now he wants to reassure his fans: According to Mcky, no one has to pay for the subathon to continue watching it.

The streamer has been running the non-monetized second channel Michilurk since 2021, where people can gamble as they please. He would like to continue streaming on this channel even after he leaves – but very casually and no longer as a full-time content creator.

The subathon was still supposed to mark the end of Mcky’s streaming career: After that, he would no longer be a Twitch streamer and would only be seen every now and then. The project should run for an indefinite period of time, and any support is entirely voluntary. “I don’t want to put anyone under pressure,” says Mcky.

However, the reactions apparently weren’t as Mcky had imagined. In a stream, he responded to comments under the video and finally explained that the subathon would not take place as planned. Otherwise it would have a bad aftertaste, explains the streamer. If subs came in, he would always have criticism in the back of his mind.

What should the farewell look like now? Instead of a subathon, in which the viewers’ subscriptions extend the duration of the stream, there should now be a big event. The “XXL event” is intended to run for a fixed, longer period of time, possibly until the end of the year.

In terms of content, not much should change from the planned subathon: Mcky wants to invite streaming colleagues to his house in Madeira, produce content with them and offer entertainment around the clock. There will be a LAN Win Challenge, cooking streams and cool projects.

Similar to the original plan, fans should have the opportunity to support the event financially if they want to. Mcky explains that the event would cost him a lot of money, after all he would fly in streamer friends and set up setups for them. The subathon was originally planned to cover these costs.

The entire announcement can be found on Mcky’s Twitch channel.

Finally, Mcky explains again that he can certainly understand the criticism of his announcement. He has thought about it a lot in the last few days and is also taking suggestions into account when planning.

Mcky also has big plans for his “final” farewell: German Twitch streamer is inspired by One Piece and wants to send fans on a treasure hunt after his death