McDonald’s new message about the customer favorite McWrap: “Unbelievable, but true”

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McDonald’s has many popular menus and items on their menu, including their classic Big Mac and popular chicken nuggets.

A while ago tipped News24 about how you can get more nuggets in your menu – absolutely at no extra cost.

The trick is to opt out of the classic 6-pack menu with medium fries and soda, and put something completely different in the shopping cart instead.

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Customer appeal: Bring back the McWrap

But there’s another old favorite from the McDonald’s menu that customers seem to be missing, even though it’s been many, many years since it was removed.

Yes, because in the comment field on almost every post that McDonald’s Sweden posts on Instagram asking customers the same thing: “Bring back the McWrap!”.

Below are some examples, taken from a couple of their recent posts:

Photo: InstagramIs McWrap coming back? Here’s McDonald’s response

The McWrap consisted of a soft tortilla filled with vegetables, sauce and protein, and came in several different designs. They were launched in 2012, but have been removed from the menu for several years now.

Nyheter24 contacted McDonald’s Sweden to find out. Why did the (apparently) popular product disappear, and will it return?

“McWrap disappeared because too few guests ordered them – unbelievable but true!”, writes McDonald’s press manager Henrik Nerell in an email and continues:

“At the moment there are no plans to bring back the McWrap, but if it’s a band-aid, I can reveal that Spicy Nuggets will soon be making a comeback on the menu! Not the McWrap, I know, but a small consolation perhaps?”