Max Verstappen’s patience brought a superior record – the expert was startled by the strange episode seen before the F1 race: “It shouldn’t happen”

Max Verstappens patience brought a superior record the

Regardless of the starting grid, the superstar of formula one Max Verstappen dominates the World Series with his Red Bull sovereignly.

The flying Dutchman gassed up in Monza for his record tenth consecutive victory, to the disappointment of the Italian sports fans. This is a new F1 record.

Sergio Perez sealed the team’s double victory in second place ahead of Ferrari, who started from the pole Carlos Sainz.

Sports expert Jukka Mildh reviewed the hottest F1 topics and race solutions at the moment.

What solved it?

In the fast-paced Italian GP, ​​we got to witness spectacular car racing and honest racing. According to Urheilu’s expert Jukka Mildh, Ferrari had invested heavily in the driver’s performance in the form of top speed, but it did not confuse Verstappen.

– The Ferraris were really strong at the beginning, but Verstappen read the situation excellently. He noticed that Ferrari’s rear tires wore out faster than Red Bull’s, and the Italian team’s performance would not last the entire race at the same level, Mildh analyzed.

Verstappen’s aggressive pressure paid off in the 15th lap of the race, when Sainz’s first driving mistake opened the door for the Dutchman.

– The reigning champion made a fantastic race tactically, although Red Bull’s car is still well ahead of the others. The car as a whole is so good that you can drive it behind others and look for your own opportunity in peace.

What speaks?

There was drama in the Italian GP even before it started, when the Japanese driver of AlphaTauri Yuki Tsunoda the car broke down on the warm-up lap. The start of the race was delayed considerably and there was uncertainty about the progress of the situation on the Monza motor track, as the other cars were parked on the starting straight for a long time.

– The situation caused great confusion for everyone. The pit lights were either out of order or were being misused. As a result, the mechanics crossed the pit wall without permission, says Mildh.

In the end, Tsunoda’s car had to be lifted off the track with a crane. According to Mildh, the suspension of the race was tried to be avoided until the last moment, but it caused a safety risk for the solo team staff.

– There was a clear communication breakdown, which should not happen. Fortunately, no damage was done, but there will certainly be sanctions for this.

Another thing to talk about is, of course, Verstappen’s historic victory.

– The cooperation between the driver and the team is currently so seamless that it is starting to be the most complete package in the history of the sport, says Mildh.

What about Bottas?

Alfa Romeo Valtteri Bottas quietly rose to the points outside the pictures, he was tenth in the race.

– Good that Valtteri received an award for his hard work. He had one incident with AlphaTaurin by Liam Lawson with, but luckily nothing happened.

Bottas’ driving performances this season have been fluctuating. The Finn was last on points in the Canadian competition two and a half months ago. Bottas has a contract with Alfa Romeo for next season as well, but in the future the top talent of the team’s junior organization Theo Pourchaire can rise to threaten the Finn’s F1 stool.

– In F1, you always have to be careful about your own place. Alfa Romeo is going through a strong phase of change, but Bottas’ experience is of great importance in all of this, says Mildh.


Williams has found his momentum again after years off. About their drivers Alexander Albon showed great moves in Monza by driving seventh.

– Williams is not the best in terms of performance, but Albon’s top speed was surprisingly the fastest of all the cars in Italy.

All the drivers were having trouble with the durability of the tires, but Albon in particular managed to convincingly keep the threats behind him with his worn tires.

– Albon has a very good reputation, he never complains about anything. He does a better job the more pressure there is. Williams is developing at a good pace, but Albon deserves to join a better team, Mildh reflects.

A flop

Aston Martin’s performance in Italy was particularly muted. The team’s dream start to the season has begun to melt, and with a convincing performance in their home race, Ferrari wedged past Aston Martin into third place in the Manufacturers’ World Series.

The number one driver Fernando Alonso was ninth Lance Stroll only 15:s.

– Aston Martin did not succeed at all in Monza. They haven’t been able to adapt to different competitive conditions after a strong early season.

– Stroll hangs in the series only based on the name of his father, who owns Aston Martin. The day will come when that name is no longer enough, Mildh thinks.

What next?

F1 next heads to Singapore, where the race will be held in two weeks. Moving from Monza’s high-speed and traditional track to the Marina Bay Street street track completely changes the nature of the race again.

– Monza was a very successful event in terms of sport. Unfortunately, the rest of the season is spent waiting for Verstappen to seal his world championship.

The Dutchman leads the World Series after Italy with 145 points ahead of his teammate. According to Mildh, Ferrari’s development is also worth keeping an eye on.

– The tension within the team is changing with Sainz’s good grips. Ferrari left Monza on everyone’s lips. Expectations for the future became significantly more positive after the Italian GP, ​​says Mildh.

Italian GP results:

1. Max Verstappen’s Red Bull
2. Sergio Perez Red Bull +6.802
3. Carlos Sainz Jr. Ferrari +11.082
4. Charles Leclerc Ferrari +11.508
5. George Russell Mercedes +18.294
6. Lewis Hamilton Mercedes +38.903
7. Alexander Albon Williams +45,080
8. Lando Norris McLaren +45.212
9. Fernando Alonso Aston Mar +46.370
10. Valtteri Bottas Alfa Romeo +1.04,764
11. Oscar Piastri McLaren +1.10.573
12. Logan Sargeant Williams +1.11.480
13. Liam Lawson AlphaTauri +1.11,772
14. Guanyu Zhou Alfa Romeo +1.21,387
15. Lance Stroll Aston Martin +1.23.016
16. Pierre Gasly BWT Alpine +1.23.017
17. Nico Hulkenberg Haas +1 lap.
18. Kevin Magnussen Haas +1 lap.
Yuki Tsunoda AlphaTauri Central
Esteban Ocon BWT Alpine middle.

World Series situation: (14/22)

1. Max Verstappen’s NED Red Bull 364
2. Sergio Pérez MEX Red Bull 219
3. Fernando Alonso ESP Aston Martin 170
4. Lewis Hamilton GBR Mercedes 164
5. Carlos Sainz Jr. ESP Ferrari 117
6. Charles Leclerc MON Ferrari 111
7. George Russell GBR Mercedes 109
8. Lando Norris GBR McLaren 79
9. Lance Stroll CAN Aston Martin 47
10. Pierre Gasly FRA Alpine 37
11. Esteban Ocon FRA Alpine 36
12. Oscar Piastri AUS McLaren 36
13. Alexander Albon THA Williams 21
14. Nico Hulkenberg GER Haas 9
15. Valtteri Bottas FIN Alfa Romeo 6
16. Zhou Guanyu CHN Alfa Romeo 4
17. Yuki Tsunoda JPN AlphaTauri 3
18. Kevin Magnussen’s DEN Haas 2


1. Red Bull 583
2. Mercedes 273
3. Ferrari 228
4. Aston Martin 217
5. McLaren 115
6. Alpine 73
7. Williams 21
8. Haas 11
9. Alfa Romeo 10
10. AlphaTauri 3